Rail Nation

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Rail Nation – Explore your fascination for steam trains online

Train Browser Game – Who didn’t like to play with their train sets when they were younger? The brand new free-to-play train browser game Rail Nation really encapsulates how you felt during this time...


World of Warships

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World of Warships – All cannons, fire!

Warship Action Shooter – We have played the phenomenal World of Tanks and the even more spectacular World of Warplanes and thought we reached the end of a class of its own. We were so wrong...


War Thunder

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War Thunder – Pearl Harbour on the PC

Action Shooter – The Second World War from above? The free-to-play flight simulator War Thunder from the studios of Gaijin Entertainment has only recently gone into Open-Beta and already has 3 million players...


Star Stable

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Star Stable – The game for horse friends!

Role-playing and horses – you, your horse and a magic island full of mystery! The completely free MMORPG „Star Stable“ helps make your dream of having your own horse come true. Read on to find out what we enjoyed mos...



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Travian – The Mother of all Strategy Games

Strategy Browser Games – The free-to-play strategy browser game hit Travian from Travian Games has been completely redesigned and newly re-released. But what does the new version have in store for us? We tested it out…




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CrossOut – Build your own hell machine!

Shooter / action game – everyone grab your war machines! The free shooter / action game CrossOut is brought to you by Gaijin Entertainment, and it looks like War Thunder on steroids! Create crazy fight machines and plunge ...


Forge of Empires

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Forge of Empires – The free-to-play strategy game in a class of its own!

Strategy MMO Game – The brand-new free-to-play strategy browser game Forge of Empires has literally turned the gaming scene on its head. Within the first eight weeks, one million users had ...


SAOs Legend

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SAOs Legend – Sword Art, now truly Online

Anime MMORPG – One of the most popular recent anime titles goes by the name of “Sword Art Online” and it was just a matter of time, until a corresponding game would appear. Now, with SAOs Legend, this is about to hap...