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Zombies Monsters Robots (ZMR) – A post-apocalyptic shooter in a league of its own

Post-Apocalyptic Shooter –Monsters, zombies and mutants threaten the world and it’s your job to get rid of them once and for all! The free-to-play third-person shooter ZMR transports you to a gloomy 21st century, where you play the role of a soldier fighting against countless evil creatures. The game, currently in its beta phase and released by En Masse Entertainment, has particularly convincing and exciting PvP and PvE battles, fantastic graphics and cleverly designed monsters. Does this sound like a game for you?

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Game Description

Honestly, we have no idea where to begin. The free-to-play third-person shooter ZMR is simply packed to the brim with great features and this makes it hard to summarise everything into just a few words. It’s clear that so much effort and attention to detail has been given to this game making it sometimes hard to believe that the game belongs to the free-to-play genre. We’ve put together the best features for you.

PvP or PvE

ZMR, of course, offers you both options and they are extensive. The waiting times are never particularly long in this game and there are always a dynamic selection of missions to choose from. In the individual battles, you play through different levels, which take place on different maps and against different opponents. What’s great about the PvE action is that the monster waves gradually get harder and harder with each passing level and the maps regularly change, meaning that you’ll never get bored. There’s also a big selection of maps in PvP mode, along with different types of battles to get stuck into.

Insane Monsters

It doesn’t matter what kind of monsters you’ve seen before. ZMR raises the bar. In this game, you’ll encounter zombies, mutants, big monsters, small monsters, flying monsters, mummies, demons from the underworld and robots in all shapes and sizes. Think there can’t be any more? One word: Dinosaurs. With rockets. So there’s definitely a wide range of opponents, each searching for prey and requiring the player to adjust their tactics if they hope to survive throughout the different rounds. Some opponents use weapons while others use poison gas or simply just stampede towards you. Oh we almost forgot! There are also zombie dogs, who explode near you… This will definitely be a new experience for everyone.

Weapons and Gadgets

Diverse opponents aren’t the only thing on offer. You also have the choice between different weapons and gadgets. Weapons aren’t just available in the store, but can also be required by completing missions (as well as experience points or money) and others can be found as loot after defeating certain opponents. There aren’t just firearms, however, but also knives and baseball bats, which you can use if you find yourself without ammunition. In some levels, there’s also gun turrets and of course, you even have access to hand grenades and lasers.


Your team is your most important weapon in every PvE mission. They don’t just watch your back but can also bring you back to life, if you find yourself in a compromising position. In this game, you can’t just jump back into the action once you die. You need to be revived, or if this doesn’t happen, need to wait till the level is over and hope that some other players have survived. You’ll additionally need to often think about tactics to force your opponents to their knees. This all depends, however,on a good team.

Special Features

  • Great Opponents: Discover the coolest zombies, mutants, dinosaurs and mummies (to name a few) which there have ever been in a shooter
  • PvP vs PvE: Fight in countless battles on different maps against different monsters
  • Be Social: Be a part of a team and support your companions, otherwise you’re doomed
  • Brilliant Graphics: Dive into a brilliantly crafted post-apocalyptic world thanks to graphics which leave nothing to the imagination
  • Diverse Weapons: Discover and choose from a range of epic weapons and futuristic gadgets, which you’ll need to fight against your opponents
  • Monster Waves: Survive waves upon waves of increasingly more difficult monsters in PvE mode


The Bottom Line

So if we haven’t managed to convince you after all that, then there’s no helping you! The free-to-play post-apocalyptic shooter ZMR took us by force and really bowled us over. The diverse monsters, the quantity of maps, weapons as well as the many battles and a gaming experience that won’t let go, all left us completely won over by this free-to-play game. Blood, sweat and tears clearly went into developing ZMR. What’s great is that the game is only in the beta phase and that means that there’s plenty still left to be seen. We are definitely excited about what’s still to come in the future.

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