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xHunter Online – An epic journey riddled with peril!

Role-playing browser game – If you love browser games with a gripping story, this is for you. The free role-playing browser game Hunter Online takes you on a journey through a crazy world full of dangerous monsters and adventure that will have you on the edge of your seat! Read on to find out what exactly it is that Hunter Online has to offer.

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The game principle of Hunter Online

Hunter Online is a classical role-playing game in an unlikely package. In the beginning you’re nothing more than a young, inexperienced hunter, and you’ll have to take your first steps carefully. Before you start you need to create a free account on the game website! The next step is creating your main character, as it’s usual for role-playing games. Once you’ve done that, you’re ready to start on your journey! In the world of Hunter Online hunters are a real instance – and your father is supposed to be the best hunter of all times. Unfortunately, he’s disappeared a long while ago. So you start on a quest to find your father, and you become a powerful hunter yourself. There are different kinds of hunters in Hunter Online: treasure hunters, bounty hunters and many more. But whether you’ll succeed in finding your father, and master all the challenges you’ll encounter along the way, that’s entirely up to you!

Fantastic 3D fights:

Journeying around the world in Hunter Online is terribly perilous! Other hunters and dangerous monsters will be coming at you from around every corner. If it comes to a fight, the view switches to a cool 3D mode that reminded us a little of Final Fantasy! Here your heroes exchange violent blow combinations, but they also have to withstand attacks. As the game unfolds you will obtain particularly strong special attacks that will sweep your opponents from the screen in a spectacular way! Good 3D animations are always a great thing to have in browser games.

Diverse teams:

Luckily, you don’t have to face your adventures alone – a lot of other heroes will join you along the way! Every champion has their own range of skills: there are classical tanks, healers for the second fighting line, and, of course, fighters with high damage potential! Their appearance also makes the heroes stand out. For example, Tank Beans is a crazy little guy with a green slime face. There’s a lot of diversity to ensure that you don’t get bored either tactically or visually!

Character growth:

Your many trips to the wilderness will yield many great rewards! You’ll find different gear items such as weapons or amulets, as well as tomes and other treasures. A special feature of Hunter Online is the possibility of enhancing your gear! For this you’ll need special slivers that are found in abundance in Dungeons and co. Soon, your heroes will be carrying around powerful artefacts instead of rusty knives!

Great guild function:

A whole lot of people play Hunter Online, and once you reach level 20, you can join a guild or start one yourself! Besides the guild chat, guilds offer many advantages. For example, you have your own guild dungeons with particularly fine rewards. Moreover, the guild leader can unlock certain technologies that ensure permanent bonuses for all members of that guild – a really useful function, and therefore a good reason to look for a guild fast!

Features of Hunter Online

  • Free action: All you need in order to enjoy the crazy world of Hunter Online is to sign up for free on the website!
  • Fantastic 3D fights: Get into fierce fights with monsters and competing hunters – the screen will switch to cool 3D visuals!  
  • Diverse teams: Whether healer, tank or archer – very different heroes will join you on your journey, and will fight by your side.
  • Character growth: Reach level after level, and keep improving your skills and gear items. The beginner becomes an expert!
  • Great guild function: Join a guild and take advantage of the many advantages that an alliance offers.


Conclusions about Hunter Online

Hunter Online is a role-playing browser game that offers pretty much everything you can expect from the genre. Fight your way through a dangerous world full of monsters and treasures alongside your companions! Whether treasure hunter, bounty hunter or hunter of wild beasts – you decide on your own personal path. The fights are packaged in fantastic 3D visuals, and they will give you a great experience. All you need in order to build a career as master hunter is a free account and an up-to-date browser. Start hunting your way to fame today, and fulfil your destiny!

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