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World of Warplanes – Wings of steel or just a bunch of hot air?

Aerial Shooter – A successor to the extremely successful tank simulation World of Tanks has finally been released in the form of the free-to-play airplane shooter World of Warplanes. Expect the same amount of combat but in the air. However, we bet you’re wondering whether this concept works just as well as its predecessor? Read on to find out as we put it under the microscope.

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Game Description

In the free-to-play fighter aerial shooter World of Warplanes, you take to the skies in one of a range of different war planes from the 1930s – 1950s and engage in aerial combat against other players. We made a list of the most important features you can expect to find:

Tried and Tested Premise

Fans of World of Tanks will quickly feel right at home in this game, as the overall game premise of team warfare with up to 15 players each has been adapted from the original game. You firstly need to decide on an appropriate airplane in order to blow your opponent out of the skies. You’ll also need to think about disabling valuable ground targets, like weapon factories, during the 15 minute matches. The conditions change depending on the map and battle scenario. Over open waters, you’ll be able to track aircraft carriers, whereas over land, you’ll need to consider bombarding airfields.

Biplanes to Warplanes

World of Warplanes really doesn’t hold back on its selection of aircraft. You have the choice of taking control of airplanes from countries such as Japan, USA, China, the USSR, England and Germany, with each airplane originating from the time of the Second World War. You won’t find any technically advanced fighter jets in this game. Even though the selection available in World of Warplanes was far inferior to that of World of Tanks at the time of release, it is constantly improving thanks to regular patches. Battle capabilities can be divided into three main classes: Fighters, Heavy Fighters and Gun Ships. These classes tell you the level of manoeuvrability and firepower the aircraft has and it’s important to have a good mixture of all three classes in your team for the best chance of victory.

Everyone has a part to play

In order to guarantee victory in the middle of aerial combat, it’s important that every team member knows their role. For those entering battle in a gunship, they need to be on the frontline bombarding strategically targeted ground objectives. But that means they will attract the attention of the enemy team and need to be defended by both the fighter and heavy fighter pilots. Being a lone wolf just isn’t an option if you want to win.

Fancy some modifications?

Think you’re missing a bit of firepower? No problem! In World of Warplanes, you have access to a hanger, where you’re able to put together your dream airplane. Screw on a few extra bombs and watch the ground targets turn to dust. But watch out! Each change has a consequence and more bombs mean more weight. You’ll soon realise you aren’t quite as manoeuvrable as you were before.

Special Features

  • Tried and Tested Premise: Ever wanted to find out what World of Tanks would feel like in the air? Here’s your chance.
  • Big Selection of Aircraft: Choose your preferred aircraft from a choice of over 120, each with their own characteristics
  • Challenging Teamplay: Join together with 14 colleagues to form a perfect team and disable your opponent with intelligent aerial manoeuvres
  • Extensive Fine-Tuning: Take yourself off to the hanger and modify your aircraft to with your own preferences in mind

The Bottom Line

If you’re already a fan of World of Tanks, then you’ll quickly feel right at home here in this free-to-play aerial shooter. The quick matches are just as much fun in the air as on the ground and really provide a great alternative to tank warfare. Even newcomers will soon be captivated by this successfully developed game concept. You’ll be left with just one question: Tanks or Airplanes? Or both?

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