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War Thunder – Pearl Harbour on the PC

Action Shooter – The Second World War from above? The free-to-play flight simulator War Thunder from the studios of Gaijin Entertainment has only recently gone into Open-Beta and already has 3 million players. Is this just hype or does the game truly offer a challenging air shooter? We have tested it out for you…

Official War Thunder Trailer


Game Premise

The free-to-play multiplayer shooter War Thunder is set in the time of the Second World War. True to this wartime setting, it’s not long before you’re thrust into the action and things immediately start hitting the fan! At the start of the game you can choose between different aircraft from the years 1930 – 1950. Aside from these there are also proto-types from this time which top off an already extensive selection.

Different Game Modes

What is particularly awesome is that you can choose between three different game modes. In Arcade Mode you will find hardcore PvP-Battles at their best. In order for you to concentrate on this, the steering has been made a bit easier in this mode. All the minor details can be left up to your co-pilot. Unlimited weapons and munition are at your disposal.

If you’d rather have it a bit more close to reality, War Thunder also offers an historical mode. In the Simulator Mode you have the opportunity to participate in original battles and help the war reach its conclusion, should the occasion arise. Like in real-life you need to watch out and get fuel and munition from either airports or aircraft carriers.

If you want it even more realistic, you will meet your match in the Realistic Mode. This mode changes the game into a true-to-form flight simulator, in which you need to coordinate everything yourself from the propeller to the wing adjustments in order to win air supremacy.

Diverse Missions

As if these modes weren’t enough, the developers of War Thunder have even more in store for you. Within these modes you can choose between a diverse range of mission types such as ‘Ground Strike,’ ‘Domination’ and ‘Operations.’ These can be either completed by yourself or with your friends in coop mode. We found the coop mode to be particularly enjoyable. This means that the game is not only rich in content, but also ensures a huge amount of fun for a long time.

Team-play and Alliances

In War Thunder it’s essential to cooperate closely with other players in order to reach your target. Due to this the free-to-play war game provides voice and text chat functionality. This can be controlled so that you can choose who is allowed to listen in to the conversation in order to potentially hatch plans and change strategies. In the meantime, a number of ‘squadrons’ (alliances) have made their way into the MMO Shooter, which has created a lively community. Fight against the enemy forces together with like-minded players. For those who would rather lead a group, there is also the possibility to form your own alliance.

So much about the game, but how are the graphics? It’s impressive what kind of developments the free-to-play genre has had in the last few years. War Thunder, however, takes the biscuit. Breath-taking graphics with endless, detailed landscapes stretch across the game world and makes every players’ heartbeat race with it.

Special Features

  • 3 different game modes (Arcade, Simulator and Realistic)
  • Diverse range of mission types like ‘Ground Strike’, ‘Domination’ or ‘Operations’
  • A massive and authentic range of aircraft, weapons and armaments from the Second World War
  • Breath-taking and detailed graphics, from the landscapes to the aircraft
  • Sophisticated team and clan system with coop missions and chat support


The Bottom Line

We were very sceptic as to whether War Thunder would really live up to its hype. But: Gaijin Entertainments have really turned it out. Superb graphics, a never-ending game world as well as sophisticated game modes, which offer something for everyone. What else do you want from a free-to-play online shooter? We can’t recommend War Thunder enough.

Special: At the moment, only aircraft are available in War Thunder. In future patches, however, historical tanks and warships will be added as playable units. The means: fights in the air, on land and on the water!

Photo of War Thunder

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