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Virtual League of Hockey – It’s not just Canadians that Hunger for a Trophy on the Ice

Hockey Manager – It’s pretty normal to hear people talk back about decisions made by sport managers and trainers. ‘The club shouldn’t have sold this player,’ or ‘This player doesn’t fit to this position’ are only a couple of phrases you might have heard in your life. But your chance has now arrived to put everything right thanks to the free-to-play hockey manager browser game Virtual League of Hockey. You choose the formation, your opponent and the team’s training methods so that your squad can enjoy a successful future. Want to know more? Read on to find out what else you can expect.

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Game Description

Every decision rests in your hands from choosing your team’s crest to employing a sports therapist. You start off the game with 200 million but you’ll soon find out that the money disappears fast. That means you’ll need to stay successful in order to bankroll new investments. There are many factors to consider: which players do you pick and in what positions, what are their weaknesses and who are my substitutes if someone gets injured? Which training methods are the best for my team? It’s your job to get experience and know what’s best.

Touch of Reality

Everyone has their strengths and weaknessesThis is also the case with VLHockey, just like in similar games such as Fifa. Each player’s strengths and weaknesses are divided into four categories: Offense, Defence, Speed and Goalkeeping. This overview should help you choose where best to put them on the rink and their importance within your team. Buy new players during the draft at the end of the season and expand your squad with talented rookies. With a bit of luck and a lot of skill you’ll be able to make the playoffs and lift that all important trophy. Simply start the game and stay glued to your screen as you watch your strategy succeed and the victories roll in.

Put Together Your Team

Your players won’t be able to do much on the rink without their hockey sticks. Their contracts only last one season and it’s up to you decide whether a player has earned an extension or whether it’s time for them to go somewhere else. In addition, you’ll be able to attract star players to your team by paying their release fees. You have complete control over your finances and don’t have the restrictions that you might find in similar games. You’ll need to weigh up your own options on how best to invest in the team for the future. Train employees further or hire new ones. Whether the team is successful or not, rests entirely on your preparation and strategic development.

Weighing Up The Eventualities

The tactical formation and set-up of your team is definitely the most essential part of the game. Like coaches in the professional leagues, you’ll need to put together a team of players and a suitable formation before the match and watch closely to see if there are any kinks to iron out after the game begins and before the final whistle blows. Make sure you prepare some substitutes and power play formations in case of any dismissals. Finally, like any clear-sighted coach, you’ll need to create a training plan based on the needs of your team in order to increase your chances of victory.

Special Features

  • Different Game Modes: Play in Season Mode for the trophy or simply take part in a friendly game to get experience and money
  • Exciting Games: Waiting for the final whistle will leave you on the edge of your seat
  • Team Formations: You choose where to put players on the rink but be aware of their strengths and weaknesses
  • Close to Reality: Tons of options available to make this game as realistic as possible
  • Money Management: Keep a close eye on your finances and invest wisely
  • Global Opponents: Test your metal against players from around the world


The Bottom Line

If you’re a hockey fan wanting to take the fate of the team into your own hands or a hockey newcomer wanting to learn the ropes of a completely new sport, the free-to-play manager browser game Virtual League of Hockey has something for you. Fans of tactics and excitement will also not be able to tear themselves away from the screen. We found that the game is suitable for everyone and the developers have really put the effort into making sure you’ll always find something new to enjoy while playing days at a time through the season mode!


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