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Vindictus–A Polished Slugfest

War MMORPG – Originally released in 2010, Nexon’s free to play MMORPG Vindictus has gone a long way and is still receiving positive reviews on all counts. The combination of a traditional MMORPG, familiar hack and slash elements like in God of War or Metal Gear Rising, Vindictus truly offers a unique mix of features. How does such a mixture work out and is it still worth a try? You are about to find out.

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Game Concept

As a fast paced action MMORPG, Vindictus mixes features of classic MMORPG games and hack and slay action-adventures. Select one of eight different characters, from nimble fighters that wield a lance, to archers and a brutish tank that utilizes a stone pillar as a club and wrestles his foes to submission. Instanced zones, which can be accessed via city hubs, are your way into the battlefields of Vindictus. The manual execution of combos and flashy attacks are just some of things you have to master, if you want to survive in the world of Vindictus.

Merging an MMORPG with a Hack and Slash

One of the core features of Vindictus is its unique mix-up of MMORPG elements, which you need to keep improving, and hardcore hack and slash action. Interestingly, most of these actions take place in city hubs and not in one crowded capital. Nexon made sure that they keep the MMORPG features at a comfortable level. Therefore everything in Vindictus is very descriptive and tutorials will guide you through the different stages of the game. Progress in the game is made by selecting some of the missions that are available in each city hub. As soon as you begin a mission, the Hack and Slash element comes into play. Here is how it works.

An Almost Flawless Combat Design

You know how it is usually done. You click on “Cast Fireball” and a fireball pops up, hits your target and some numbers indicate the amount of damage done. You don’t have to aim with your fireball, you just have to click on it. In Vindictus every ability, every hack and every slash is manually executed. If you get the appropriate skills and memorize each combo, you can turn into a blade storm that will make other Hack and Slash titles look pale in comparison. Combos, Finishers and Execution Moves on bosses are shown in slow motion and is a feature that fits very well with the Hack and Slash gameplay and encourages you to try even harder on the next run.

A High Quality Product

Nexon really put a lot of effort and money into polishing Vindictus. Even the first five minutes had already blown us over. Even though the game is using the Source Engine, the introduction was well made, fully voiced and so action packed, that you wouldn’t have expected this game from a free to play title. Furthermore, you can interact with almost every object: You can throw stuff at little goblins, which sends them flying or you can destroy obstacles or pick up the weapons of fallen enemies. All these little details add up to the conclusion that the developers really used their time and turned Vindictus into a high quality product.

Special Features

  • Free to play MMORPG – Vindictus is completely free to play. Once you have downloaded and installed the initial client you are ready to jump right into the action.
  • Merging of MMORPG and Hack and Slash – The unique mix-up of MMORPG components and action packed hack and slash are the key features of Vindictus
  • Very Good Combat Design – Combat in Vindictus is fast, thrilling, sometimes difficult but always rewarding
  • A Fully Polished Game – By adding a ton of various little details to an overall high quality standard, Vindictus is definitely one of the most polished free to play titles out there.


The Bottom Line

Vindictus impressed us. Even though the game is using the somewhat outdated Source Engine, the gameplay itself and especially the combat system is way more fluent than it is in other game, some of which you need to pay for. The game has gone a long way since 2010 and a lot of work has been put into polishing it.. We don’t know if it’s the intelligent mixture of essential MMORPG and Hack and Slash features, or the addition of countless little details. But probably – it is just both.

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