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UnitedGP – High Speed Racing Action

Racing Manager – Everyone has wanted at some point to send someone onto the tracks, showing them where their starting position is and independently making all the decisions. This dream can become reality thanks to the free-to-play racing manager UnitedGP from Travian Games. Show what you’re made off as you race drivers from around the world making sure your car ends up in poll position. But this won’t all be plain sailing as you’ll need to keep an eye on how the race develops just in case something unpredictable happens! Read our report below to find out more details about what you should be looking out for in this manager game by Travian Games

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Game Description

Customising the individual settings of your car, making sure you have enough spare parts, working out the right strategy for each race… the list of tasks is endless but this also means that you have more that enough opportunities to leave your mark as manager. Additional options will be open to you once you increase in level, which in turn will make winning or losing even more about the small decisions. Determine before and during the race what your tactics will be so that your driver has the best chances of success and can rise through the driving ranks.

Dynamic Races

If you think that this free-to-play racing manager game will be like all the others with the same tracks and the same tactics, then prepare to be positively surprised. During each race Travian Games have made sure to include random and influential events to test your attention and lightning fast reactions. This is most exciting whilst taking part in real-time online races against other players from around the world. You never know how the other players are going to react which in turn makes you have to consider any eventuality. There is an unbelievable range of skill levels that will keep even the most adept manager on their toes throughout.

Manage the Whole Team

You won’t just be managing the whole team. You ARE the whole team. You are the mechanic, the research team and the logistics supervisor rolled into one. Oh and as the accountant you’ll need to keep an eye on your finances as well as you make investments, repairs and produce replacement parts. Pay heed to Spiderman as you go about your business, as here too does ‘great power comes great responsibility.’ You’ll need to decide when the tyres should be changed, what tactics to choose for your driver and even how fast and exact the pit team should work.

Develop your Car

As the head of your own racing team, you need to decide on every aspect of your racing car. There are a large range of tuning options available, like deciding on the quality of the car components, the precise angle of the front and tail planes and many more. It’s completely up to you how the driver performs during the race. If he places well, then you’ve clearly done your homework. In addition, you’ll also have various options to make your racing car stand out from the crowd by combining a range of sizes, colours and patterns to create an individual design. And to top it all off, you can even build a second car to make sure that you’re prepared for every scenario.

Special Features

  • Individual Design: Paint and design your own racing car based on your own preferences and stand out from the crowd
  • Clean User Interface: Easy controls and a simple yet comprehensive user interface
  • Unique Cars: Take advantage of the countless tuning options available
  • Exciting Races: Randomly generated events make sure that each real-time race is different as you play against players from around the world
  • Complete Mouse Controls: Get stuck into the action straight away and forget about having to get used to complicated keyboard controls


The Bottom Line

The free-to-play browser game UnitedGP delivers everything that you’d want to see in a racing manager game – and more to boot! The simple controls and extensive tutorial make sure that you’ll quickly find yourself diving straight into the action. The game interface during the races provide you with countless options without feeling overwhelming. We can guarantee that you’ll be on the edge of your seat throughout the entire race no matter your position. It’s pretty clear to us that UnitedGP delivers enough excitement and individuality to make it worth a try!


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