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Trainstation Online – The Railway Game for real strategists

Online Strategy Game – Become the biggest railway mogul of all time. The free-to-play online railway strategy game Train Station Online gives you the opportunity to build and expand your own railway empire. The game, developed by Pixel Federation, provides, along with a big variety of train models, playful freedom and a large community which really helps new players find their feet. Could Trainstation Online be the game for you? Read on to find out…

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Game Description of Trainstation Online

Variety and Creativity – The free-to-play online railway strategy game Trainstation Online really stands out thanks to these two attributes. You’ll find in the following the features, which make Trainstation Online a must for any railway fan. In addition, we will show you why this game is suitable even for those who are more into traditional and general strategy games.

Different Trains

Any fan of trains will feel right at home in this game. There’s never been a larger selection of trains anywhere else. This selection includes international, rare and modern trains, as well as those from different eras. There’s even the choice between four different train types: Steam, Diesel, Electronic and Magnetic. These sub-categories are then separated out further into countless different train models. This means that you have up to 1300 different train types to discover.

Strategic Expansion

Trainstation Online doesn’t just have something for train enthusiasts. This is, after all, an extensive strategy game. You send your trains around the world tasked with different challenges depending on the economic strengths of the region. You will need to seal contracts with different companies and expand your train stations. You’ll collect experience points along the way by transporting goods and there are even special trains which will multiply the experience earned.

Around the World

In Trainstation Online you need to send your trains around the world and travel through diverse metropolises such as New York or London, as well as mountainous regions and those of distant Asia. The scenery isn’t the only thing that’s real. The different train models are all based on authentic trains which will be particularly appealing to those who like historic and technical attention to detail.

Giant Community

In Trainstation Online, you don’t have to go around the game world alone. The large community within the game is one of its most impressive selling points. Trainstation Online has managed to attract up to 15 million people around the world and this number is constantly rising. The community will help you learn tips, join diverse groups, play with friends or find new ones all with the goal of supporting you throughout the game.

Special Features

  • Countless Trains: Discover dozens of different models from all around the world and from different eras
  • Strategic Freedom: There are no limits to your expansion. You alone decide which contracts you want to take on
  • Authenticity: Discover different historic train models, even rare and epic ones
  • Globalisation: Send your trains around the world and visit countless metropolises and countries
  • Great Community: Get tips and tricks from the giant and friendly community


The Bottom Line

‘A great game for fans of trains, as well as those who aren’t.’ The free-to-play online strategy game Trainstation Online has convinced us with its playful freedom, countless train models and giant community, which is constantly on-hand to give advice. This game is a lot of fun for every strategy fan and is a real treat for those who are big into trains.

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