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Therian Saga – The Mother of Crafting

Browser MMORPG – Ever since the release of the classic Ultima Online, players have been waiting for a worthy successor. The wait might finally be over. Therian Saga, a free to play sandbox MMORPG, could be the title that the fans have been craving for. We are on the case and are going to find out if Therian Saga can live up to its expectations.

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Game Concept

In Therian Saga you enter the world of Myriaden. You leave your ship with nothing but the clothes on your back and it is up to you to forge your own destiny. While you progress through a compelling storyline you always have complete freedom of what you do next. Will you become a famous artisan, crafting the kingdoms finest armours and weapons? Will you become a daring explorer, unraveling the greatest mysteries of the continent? All this is completely up to you, since there is almost no end to what you can do in Therian Saga.

An Overwhelming World to Explore:

If you are playing Therian Saga for the first time, everything might be somewhat overwhelming. Where do I go? What do I do? Whatever you want to do! Therian Saga lives and breathes the sandbox game ideology. You can visit any town and work in the inn to earn some extra money or you could check out the nearby forest and chop some wood, which you might need for some basic tools later on – in the end its completely up to you and even though the graphics aren’t top notch, you won’t even notice since the game does a fine job of keeping you busy.

The Mother of all Crafting Systems:

Most definitely the biggest reason to play Therian Saga is its sophisticated crafting system. Everything starts with the raw materials, like chopped wood or mined ore. Through several stages of refinement, you are then able to get components that are needed to create the desired object. But there is more to it than just that. Depending on the tools you were using and the quality of the components, the final result can be either disappointing or awesome. Since it is pretty hard to get your hands on the finest materials and tools, you will most likely need the assistance of fellow players and this is where Therian Saga scores again.

An Economy Created by the Players:

Supply and demand determine the price of every product, a simple theory but only a few titles actually manage to add a healthy economy to their game. In Therian Saga the whole economy is made and maintained by the players. One reason why it works out so well is the fact that it is almost impossible to max out every skill without spending a lifetime mastering it. Therefore players are encouraged to embrace the market and put up their crafted components for sale, while buying other components that they are in need of. In that regard every profession is actually meaningful and it feels great to spend time to improve them, since almost everything you craft has its purpose and a demand.

Special Features

  • Free-to-play MMORPG
    Therian Saga is absolutely free to play. Just sign up and you are good to go.
  • A Huge World to Explore
    The world of Myriaden is huge and even after months of playing the game, it can still surprise you.
  • Sophisticated Crafting System
    Dozens of skills and professions add a complexity to the crafting system, which is really rare to see.
  • An Economy Created by the Players
    Therian Saga lets supply and demand decide what price an item has and it is completely up to its players to shape the economy within the game.


The Bottom Line

Therian Saga definitely lives up to its promises and even exceeds them. Even though the graphics aren’t top notch anymore and it can become really time consuming to craft some of the more refined items, the game is one of the best free-to-play titles we have played in 2014. The world is brimming with little details, towns and dungeons, up to a point where it just becomes overwhelming. And speaking of overwhelming – the crafting system is a joy. It is rich, well balanced and embedded into a solid economy that is constantly shaped and refined by the community. In that regard it doesn’t matter if you are a hardcore fan of Ultima Online or completely new to browser games – Therian Saga is a game you should play.

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