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The West – Unleash the cowboy in you

Wild West Roleplaying GameIs there a cowboy inside you waiting to get out? The free-to-play Wild West browser roleplaying game The West transports you into the world of saloons, revolvers and spontaneous fighting. The game, developed yet again by InnoGames, delivers structured gameplay, diverse features, high-quality graphics and a unique theme. Could the world of cowboys and Indians be what you’ve been waiting for? Read on to find out…

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Game Description

In the free-to-play Wild West RPG The West, you enter as a newly-arrived Greenhorn and are taken under the wings of Henry, the saloon owner and his native American friends. You have the chance of earning fame, honour and above all skills by completing countless quests, until you eventually become an influential part of the Wild West story. Just like in other offerings from InnoGames, The West delivers numerous features to make your game experience diverse and unique. We’ve listed the most important features you can expect to encounter.

Character Development

The West prides itself on the multitude of options available to you as you develop your character. You start off as a Greenhorn but as the game progresses, you’re able to shape your character based on your own personal preferences. Aside from the extensive skill system in place, you’re able to choose between one of four character classes as soon as you hit level 15. There are the Adventurer, Soldier, Dueller and Worker classes to choose from and each one has their own unique advantages. For example, the Dueller can move quicker across the map and receives more gold after each duel. Each class also has their own special class quest, which really help you dive into the background story of your character. Last but not least, you also have the possibility of picking one of four jobs like becoming a Blacksmith or resident Quack.

The Skill System

A hardcore gamer couldn’t ask for a better skill system. There are extensive skill trees with different skills on offer in the West which influence, for example, your duelling competency or specific character attributes. You’re able to spend your available experience points in the areas you want to focus on and by doing so, can kit out your character the way you want to. Attributes are separated out into strength, movement, dexterity and charisma and all have 5 skills assigned to them. If you upgrade a specific attribute, then the corresponding skills are also upgraded.

Duels and Quests

There’s no shortage of either of them in the West. Duels give you experience points, money and special duelling experience and can either be against NPCs with the same level as your character or other players. If you lose during a duel, you’ll also lose a percentage of your money, which is then given over to the winner. If duelling is something that interests you, you’ll want to pay particular attention to the duelling skills of your character. You’ll also find enough quests and tasks in The West, as the saloon owner, Henry, and his friends always have work to do. Quests give you experience points and, most importantly, money so that you can buy new weapons or items or build your city.

City Construction

Playing together is always better, right? Forming a city or entering into a pre-existing city has lots of advantages. You’re able to buy items in your own city at a cheaper price than in other cities and at the same time, your city will give you more influence and opportunities. You’re only able to be a member of one particular city so you’ll need to think long and hard about whether you want to join an already existing, powerful and populous city or whether you want to save money and experience to build a new city with your friends. You can construct up to 15 different and useful buildings in your city. These include a bank, hotel, saloon, sheriff and a market. In addition, you can rise through the ranks by expanding your city and form alliances with others. If you possess enough money, you can even think about building a fort to attack and take over other cities in your area.

Special Features

  • Exciting Wild West Backdrop: Enter the Wild West and unleash the cowboy within
  • Countless Quests: The countless quests ensure a quick learning curve, giving you a general overview of both the map and in-game functions
  • Duelling System: Duel NPCs or other players to collect money and experience
  • Individual Skill System: Spend your experience points wherever you want and create a character based on your own personal preferences
  • City Construction: Form your own city with friends or join an already existing one and help them build and expand
  • Character Classes: Once you reach level 15, choose between 4 different character classes, granting you special character abilities
  • Crafting System: Choose one of four jobs, giving you the ability to create special items
  • Battles: Build a fort within your city and attack other cities to take over and control new territories


The Bottom Line

This city isn’t big enough forthe both of us… or is it? The free-to-play Wild West roleplaying game The West delivers all the classic elements of a browser roleplaying gameensuring a successful and diverse game experience through its countless features, individual and unique character development, high-quality browser graphics and a large community. There’s enough to do here for those wanting combat, as well as those looking for honest work, interested in construction, taking in the scenery and ensuring economic prosperity for their city. There’s really something for everyone here!

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