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Swordsman –  pure adrenaline for martial arts fans!

Martial arts MMORPG – That MMORPGs are a lot about fighting is nothing new, but the free martial arts MMORPG Swordsman stands out with a loaded mix of different fighting styles from medieval China! We tested out the game for you to see if the rest of it lives up to the intensity of the battle.

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Description of the game Swordsman

The free martial arts MMORPG Swordsman takes you back to the days of the Ming Dynasty, when an old rivalry between 10 martial arts schools resurfaced because of a stolen magic book. Read on about the main features to learn what tasks await on this journey.

That’s what you call a story:

Many MMORPGs have a real problem delivering a satisfactory tale, and that’s why they often end up shredded in confusing stories. But Swordsman’s developers came up with a really clever solution: the entire game is based on the popular Wuxia novels by the Chinese author Louis Cha. This way the backstory is solid, and it provides a strong basis for the martial arts show. Isn’t it great when everything makes sense?

Broad range of class choice:

In Swordsman you don’t really pick a class, but your own martial arts school! In the beginning you have the choice between 10 renowned schools that teach different martial arts in their own way. For example, there’s the E’mei school, which focuses on support. You use your staff to either heal your allies or to help control your opponents. There’s also the House of the Five Poisons, which focuses on eliminating opponents from a distance with poisonous attacks. But because of their low HP these attacks are also very weak. The Wu-Tang school will deliver the typical tank: a lot of HP, a bit slow, and no sense of humor whatsoever! Take a lot of punches and put a brave face on, that’s the spirit here. We could go on and on about this, but it’s a lot more fun to discover the different martial arts schools yourself. One thing’s for sure: You’ll find something to suit all preferences.

Action-packed fights:

Reading about the different martial arts schools, one also tends to hope that the choice of class will have considerable influence on the game. We can certainly state that every class has its own very singular set of skills, and unique fighting style. Once the action breaks loose you’ll enjoy true firework-effects. It needs some focus to keep track of everything, but that’s exactly what action-packed fights should look like in a MMORPG!

Guilds bring advantage:

Swordsman doesn’t lack the fun of coming together with a group of people with similar ambitions. In order to participate in the game’s instances you simply have to join a group or directly a guild. Joining a guild offers a whole lot of other advantages such as the possibility of participating in special guild events and securing exclusive items from them. But playing in a group also helps you level up. In a group you can slay even the strongest monster bosses easier, and therefore level up faster.

Features of Swordsman

  • Solid story: Lose yourself in the medieval China from the popular Wuxia novels.
  • Broad choice of class: Pick one of the 10 different martial arts schools, and become a master of your class.
  • Action-packed fights: Meet your opponents and flash your fighting skills in their faces.
  • Interesting guild system: Join a guild and secure yourself exclusive items and extra experience points in the special guild events.
  • Brand new on the market: Join the open beta and start making a name for yourself and your character in the action-packed world of Swordsman.


Conclusions about Swordsman

In the free martial arts MMORPG Swordsman you’ll enjoy not only great combat features, but also a fantastic medieval China and a convincing backstory. But the main thing a martial arts MMORPG must deliver is suspenseful fights – and Swordsman definitely does. The 10 different martial arts bring so much diversity that you won’t want to try only one class. Since the open beta just started in July 2016, you can be part of this world from the very beginning! So what are you waiting for?

Photo of Swordsman

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