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Sword Saga – Reforging An Empire

Browser MMORPG – While the world is threatened by demonic forces, your kingdom has been weakened by rivalries and inner struggles. It is in these dark times, that a hero has to emerge. One who can restore peace and fend off the impending invasion of darkness. Such is the story of Sword Saga, a new free-to-play MMORPG from AeriaGames. We checked it out and here is our report.

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Game concept

Designed as a classic MMORPG title, Sword Saga provides all the necessities. Starting from scratch, you have nothing on you but your initial piece of armor and a shoddy weapon. By completing quests and dungeons or by upgrading your gear through blacksmithing, you can then grow stronger with every passing hour. As you reach higher levels, you will encounter new allies who will follow you on your quests and help you overcome the toughest foes. Only by becoming the strongest can you hope to face the lingering demonic hordes that have been threatening the world.

Three Distinctive Classes:

There are currently three different classes in Sword Saga. On the initial launch, you have the choice between Warrior, Magician and the nimble Shooter. The class design is pretty straightforward and you’ll definitely know what you can expect when you pick a certain class. The warrior utlises heavy blows in melee range, whereas the magician prefers to keep his distance, hurling powerful elemental magic at his enemies. The shooter does it in a similar fashion but prefers to do it with a bang from his rifle. Being a specialist of long range combat, the Shooter pulverizes his enemies with a hail of bullets before they even have the chance to land a single blow on him.

Turn-based Tactical Combat:

When you encounter an enemy, the game switches to turn-based combat. Now it is up to you to issue commands to your party and choose the proper skills to take down your foes. Another interesting feature is the formation of your characters. Putting a mage in the front line might not be a good idea, since front line characters are usually the ones that soak up the biggest chunk of the damage. Put the mage behind your sturdy companions or your caster will be the first one who bites the dust.

Nice Visuals and well-made Late Game Content:

Aside from its classes and combat system, Sword Saga also impressed us with its neat visual appearance. Backgrounds, characters and combat animations are absolutely solid and blasting an enemy with your blunderbuss is so much fun. Thankfully though, Sword Saga is more than just nice and shiny. AeriaGames made sure that you are always occupied and don’t get bored once you have hit a certain level. By adding several dungeons and tons of little gimmicks, like establishing relationships with your hired companions through dialogues and gifts, Sword Saga is a game that really encourages you to explore it.

Special Features of Sword Saga

  • Free-to-play MMORPG: Sword Saga does not require any form of installation. Sign up once and your adventure begins.
  • Three Distinctive Classes: Choose between the Warrior, the Magician and the Shooter. Each one has a unique set of abilities and their own distinctive style.
  • Turn-based Tactical Combat: Engage your enemies in tactical combat. Put your characters in specific formations to maximize the combat potential of your party.
  • Nice Visuals and well-made Late Game Content: The artwork in Sword Saga is definitely impressive and tons of dungeons and other hidden content are waiting to be found.


The Bottom Line

As we spent more and more of our time trying to overcome the demonic hordes, Sword Saga really grew on us. Initially we were a bit reluctant, since there are still some minor translation issues and the intro ran at a speed that barely allowed us to catch up with the story. But once we had entered the game and blasted our first enemies with a huge blunderbuss, we soon learned to appreciate the lovely artwork and all the other features that turn Sword Saga into a pretty decent free-to-play title. The turn-based combat is intuitive and reminded us of old Final Fantasy titles. Also the fact that each time we unlocked a new feature, we basically discovered another hidden little extra, really kept us going. In that regard, Sword Saga is definitely worth recommending and one can only hope that this title grows on more players like it grew on us.

 Pictures from SwordSaga


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