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Summoner’s Legion – Easy to learn, hard to master

Card-battle-game – There are quite a few card-battle-games on the market right now, but one of the most promising among them goes by the name of Summoner’s Legion. This new free to play title, developed by R2Games is raising the stakes for any upcoming card-battle-games. “Why would that be?” you might wonder. This review will enlighten you.

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Game concept

Starting out with a basic set of cards, you are preparing for a journey of epic proportions. Each card resembles a different unit, ability or spell that you can play out during your countless battles. By playing the appropriate cards you are gaining control over the battlefield, which is usually divided into several different lanes. Playing the right cards or combinations will give you the edge, eventually resulting in a victory. Each victory will then be rewarded with further cards or other items that you can use to enhance your existing cards and become stronger in the process.

A countless number of options:

Like any good card-battle-game, Summoner’s Legion offers a countless number of cards that you can collect throughout your playthrough. Currently there are five races of creatures: Dwarf, Elf, Human, Undead and Beast and another four subclasses: Ranger, Warrior, Priest and Mage. As you can imagine, there are quite a few possible combinations within these classes and races, resulting in a lot of unique creatures. And right now we are only talking about creatures, but not spells. Adding several dozens of spells into the lineup will exponentially expand your set of options during the fights. This is immense freedom of choice was one of the first features we really valued, when we initially started to play Summoner’s Legion. It was easy as we began and only had a few cards at our disposal, but the more we played, the more we realized how hard it will become to master this game.

Expanding the battlefield:

In case you have played some of other card-battle-games already, Summoner’s Legion might surprise you with its neat battlefield design. Instead of fighting on a single frontline, the game does add up to two additional lanes, on which you can summon your units or evoke your spells. It becomes especially challenging at the point where there are three lanes and your opponent spawns units on each of them. Summoner’s Legion really shines at that point because some of your units are able to launch an attack across different lanes or have other means to advance on the battlefield. Finding the appropriate combination of units to deal with the present threat is something that you will have to learn pretty early on when playing Summoner’s Legion.

Cooperative play in dungeons:

Aside from the campaign of Summoner’s Legion, the real challenge is waiting in the dungeons. The cool thing about those is the fact that you can team up with two additional players. Suddenly there are three times as many play-controlled units on the field, trying to reach a common goal. Achieving something with your friends that you couldn’t do on your own, especially when you play out some sophisticated tactics along the way, really elevated the sense of accomplishment onto a new level. In that regard the dungeon design in Summoner’s Legion is outright awesome and one of those features that will make you come back for more over and over again.

Special Features of Summoner’s Legion

  • Free-to-Play card-battle-game: Summoner’s Legion is absolutely free to play – Just sign up once and you are good to go.
  • Countless options: Thousands of cards are waiting to be collected.
  • Expanding the battlefield: Take it to the next level and fight your rivals simultaneously on up to three different lanes.
  • Cooperative play in dungeons: Gather your friends and together you might overcome the trials that await within the dungeons.


The Bottom Line

Is Summoner’s Legion really that different from current card-battle-games? The answer is yes and no. While Summoner’s Legion also uses the core components of card-battle-games, like collecting and a basic resource system, it yet manages to elevate itself to the next level. Especially due to its multi-layer battlefield and the feature of playing a dungeon together with two of your friends. At that point the game really had us and so far we didn’t regret any second we invested.

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