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Strife – Strive for victory

MOBA Game – S2Games, well known for their popular blockbuster Heroes of Newerth, just opened up the beta for their next MOBA-title. With the public beta of Strife, a new competitor has joined the field of free to play MOBAs and considering the success of Heroes of Newerth, the expectations are high. Interestingly the game’s design revolves around the idea of removing player frustration and toxicity from the MOBA community. Check out our review to find out how well that works and if the game is actually worth a try.

Official Strife Trailer


Game Concept

Keeping well in line with the original concept of MOBAs, you play one of several unique heroes, each one with their own individual abilities and characteristics. Fighting side by side with allied heroes and constantly spawning waves of minions, you have to take the fight to your enemy’s stronghold. By slaying hostile minions and rival heroes, you accumulate income that you have to invest into new and more powerful items, which will ultimately help you to be victorious on the battlegrounds of Strife.

Solid and Fast Paced Gameplay

In general, a good MOBA has to be convincing on two aspects: A unique and interesting setup of characters that players can choose from and solid gameplay, which gives players the opportunity to take full control of the battlefield. Strife has both. The hero selection offers a broad variety of characters, from your average brawler and tank up to a rat with a double barreled shotgun. Each character has its own unique personality and their abilities are meaningful and not watered down as they are in some other MOBA titles. After playing a few matches you will get the hang of your hero and as soon as you start investing more time into mastering their abilities you will realize that Strife’s fast paced gameplay does not put up artificial limitations like long cool downs or painfully slow turn and movement speeds.

Additional Companions as Pets

That being said, S2 made several improvements to the game that has spiced up the game experience. Each player has to select a companion when he signs up for an account. These companions may remind you of some sort of Pokémon and choosing between the initial three is tough. Depending on your general play style, these companions add a unique ability to your hero and improve whenever you are playing the game. Breaking out of crowd control, buffing your damage or enhancing your overall survivability – the choice is yours.

Addressing the issues of MOBA’s

Dying in a MOBA is frustrating and while some players manage to control their anger, some others don’t. Before you know it the chat turns into a battlefield of its own and the game then soon goes south. In Strife, the developers from S2 have addressed this issue and made changes to the gameplay, so that frustration is kept to a minimum. By providing a personal courier for each player and by cutting voice and chat functions, flaming is down to a minimum. Other features like a Karma system or hidden cooldown timers do also play their part in keeping reasons for flaming few and far between.

Special Features

  • Free to Play MOBA – Like his predecessor Heroes of Newerth, Strife is completely free to play.
  • Solid and Fast Paced Gameplay – Dozens of champions, each with unique abilities and characteristics.
  • Companions as Sidekicks – By choosing a personal companion as your pet, you get access to its abilities that help you gain the edge on the battlefield.
  • Addressing Major Issues of the MOBA Genre – Reasonable design choices like personal couriers and hidden cool downs are useful assets to maintain a healthy and proper gameplay experience.


The Bottom Line

The people at S2Games definitely know how to make a good MOBA. Even though the expectations were high and some players might still be in doubt if Strife is a worthy successor to Heroes of Newerth, this game does deserve its own credit. All heroes in Strife feel powerful and the overall flow of the gameplay is fluent and fast paced, which is a very important asset to the game. And even if you don’t like some aspects of it, like the non-existing chat or the personal couriers, Strife looks very promising – especially for those that seek some distance and relaxation from the toxicity of other MOBAs.

Pictures from Strife


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