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Stormthrone – A Light in the Darkness!

Fantasy Browser MMORPG – Aeos, a realm under constant siege by demonic forces, is desperately fighting a war that can’t be won unless a saviour appears. You can be that saviour, the one that the people of Aeos have been looking for. This is the story of Stormthrone, a recent free-to-play game by R2 Games. We played it and here is our report.

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Game Concept

Stormthrone is a newly released MMORPG. As such you start out as a rookie character, wielding basic weaponry and equipment and just to rub salt in the wounds, you’re also broke. In order to change all that, you have to complete multiple quests, overpower demonic forces and gain experience and riches along the way. While doing that your overall fighting capacities will increase and eventually you will become strong enough to become the saviourthe people of Aeos have been waiting for.

Six Different Classes

Even though Stormthrone is still in its early Beta development, you already have the opportunity to choose between six unique classes.As for now those classes are: Mage, Priest, Paladin, Hunter, Warrior and Rogue. As you would imagine, each class brings a unique set of skills and fulfills different purposes on the battlefield. While Priests have the ability to cure even the gravest of wounds, Warriors and Rogues do a great job inflicting these very wounds to your opponents within melee range, while Mages and Hunters prefer to keep a safe distance between them and the target before they begin to lay waste from afar.

An Epic Journey

Something that really encaptivated us within the first minutes of playing Stormthrone was its single player campaign. Even though there is lots of text with a small proportion dubbed, you really begin to relate to your character and the fate of Aeos. Most likely that’s also thanks to the music and the overall visual appearance of the game. The music is actually pretty nice and fits perfectly to the overall theme of the game. Same goes for the visuals. The artwork is decent and there clearly has been quite a bit of effort put into the character and NPC design. This work ultimately pays offin the form of an enriched gaming experience – a feature for which Stormthrone really deserves some credit.

Tons of Solo and Team Based Content:

While you explore the world of Stormthrone, you will eventually get to thepoint where you want to try our yourfirst dungeon. Dungeons are instanced zones, usually inhabited by way tougher monsters and best be done with a group of people. Some could be done on your own but you will need a crew of capable players if you want to get the finest pieces of gear. Once you found such a group, Stormthrone starts shining in terms of cooperative play. Even though the game somewhat forces you to team up with other people, the rewards will be worth the additional difficulties of managing a group and overcoming certain bosses at the end of the dungeons.

Special Features

  • Free-to-Play MMORPG: Stormthrone is absolutely free-to-play – Just sign up once and you are good to go directly in your web browser.
  • Six Unique Classes: Mage, Priest, Paladin, Hunter, Warrior and Rogue? The choice is yours so use it wisely
  • Rich Single Player Campaign: Explore the world of Stormthrone in its rich and interesting single player campaign
  • Tons of Content: No matter if it’s the campaign or cooperative dungeons, there is always something to be done.


The Bottom Line

The free-to-play Fantasy Browser MMORPGStormthrone was definitely an interesting game to play. Even though we have heard the story of light and darkness a few times already, the single player campaign still managed to get on our good side. Enriched with neat visuals and a great soundtrack that really added up to the overall atmosphere, we were able to diveinto a game that managed to entertain us for quite some time. We haven’t seen everything yet, but cooperative dungeons and some other features which we leave for you to explore really speak for themselves. In that regard Stormthrone is definitely worth a try for anyone who is a fan of solid MMORPGs, especially those on your browser.

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