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Soldiers Inc. – Lock and Load,Commander!

War MMORTSPlariums latest free to play MMORTS installment takes you into the future of warfare and military conflicts. In a constant struggle for the earth’s depleting resources, the fictional country of Zandia has become the next battleground for the world’s biggest corporations and their hired armies. In case you aren’t sure yet if Zandia is worth a visit – check out our review for more insights.

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Game Concept of Soldiers Inc.

As with most MMORTS titles, the game concept in Soldiers Inc. goes as follows: You, as the commander of one of the aforementioned corporate facilities, are responsible for the well-being and the security of your compound. By upgrading resource generating structures, like mines and oilrigs, you will be able to generate income that is needed for further improvements and the training of your own military units.

Attention to detail

One of the first things you might notice when playing Soldiers Inc. is its attention to detail. Almost every feature in the game has a purpose. For example, you don’t research technology in Soldiers Inc., you sign contracts with other companies which will then provide the know-how and new units. No foul language in chat? Of course not, since that is a place for business. To be fair – most of these explanations are rather simple, but yet they really tie in to the whole military theme of the game. No matter if it’s the catchy soundtrack or the decent artwork, Plarium really took a serious approach to Soldiers Inc.

Full voice-over

Whether you are playing one of the many well-written tutorial missions or some of the periodic events, you will notice that most of the mission briefings are covered by a full voice-over. Giving characters a voice is not only a nice little extra, but is something that will help immerse you into the game and is there something that adds to Plariums attention to detail and overall game-design.

Streamlined but decent combat

Combat in Soldiers Inc. is a rather streamlined process. You can instruct a specific number of units out on a mission to destroy a rival’s compound, while at the same timeyour potential victim will also have a specific number of units defending it. Once your army arrives at the enemy’s base, combat is turned into a pure numbers game. The player with the highest offensive or defensive values will win the fight. The decision to simplify the combat system isn’t necessarily a bad thing though, as it turns the game into an easily accessible experience for players who aren’t necessarily familiar with the whole MMORTS genre.

Special Features

  • Free-to-play MMORTS – Soldiers Inc. is completely free to play and does not require any form of installation.
  • Attention to detail – Artwork, story and even the descriptions of specific in-game features are fitting additions to the whole military theme.
  • Full voice-over – Almost every tutorial or mission has received a decent and sometimes even hilariously funny voice-over.
  • Easily accessible combat system – Soldiers Inc. keeps it simple. The combat system is intuitive and provides easy access for new players.


The Bottom Line

With their latest free to play MMORTS title, Plarium took a rather serious approach to the genre. Soldiers Inc. is definitely one of the more mature free-to-play titles. The game embraces the whole military theme and does it well. The artwork, the music and the voice-overs each play their part to turn Soldiers Inc. into a rather decent game. Even though the combat system isn’t that sophisticated and a possible turn-off for some hardcore players, Soldiers Inc. is definitely an attractive option for those who may be completely new to the genre or for anyone who feels like Zandia is somewhere they want to visit.

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