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SMITE – Oh my Gods !!!

MOBA Game – A new competitor has joined the MOBA scene with the same force as a hammer blow from an angry God. The free to play MOBA Game SMITE transports you to the battleground of the Gods and goes toe to toe with the titans of MOBA games – DotA and League of Legends. Continue reading our review to find out how SMITE is taking its stand.

Official SMITE trailer


Game concept

In the free to play game SMITE, you take on the role of an ancient God. Which God is entirely up to you as the game provides more than 50 different Gods extracted from several of the world’s greatest mythologies to play as. Following the traditional MOBA gameplay, it is your job to push along with your ever spawning minions into the base of your enemy and destroy its ‘Chaos Titan.’

A new perspective on the MOBA genre

Something that you will notice right away in SMITE is its different player perspective. In most MOBA games you are observing the battleground with an all-seeing eye, in SMITE you are playing in third-person. Even though that just seems like a minor feature, it really is a game changer. Since you can only see what your god can see, your focus is always on what is happening in front of you. In addition to that, most attacks and abilities come in the form of skill shots and therefore require manual aiming. Just by changing these two elements the overall gameplay becomes faster and feels more shooter-ish, which is a refreshing and innovative approach to an otherwise well explored genre.

Ancient Gods from the world’s greatest mythologies

To ensure that every player has his favorite God to play as, the developers from Hi-Rez Studios added some of the most famous Gods and Goddesses from the world’s greatest mythologies. No matter if it’s Thor, Ares or Isis – each God has their own strengths and weaknesses. Some Gods are designated assassins, where there are others that excel at tanking or supporting the team. Furthermore it should be noted, that the transition from the cosmos of mythologies toin-game playable content has been well done. For example, Hercules is the same huge and bulky force on the battleground as you would expect from the ancient Greek mythology.

A plethora of game modes

In case you just want to check out a new God you haven’t played before or want to compete with your friends against other arranged teams, SMITE provides several game modes and map setups that are suited for each scenario. For example, in Arena Mode you fight five other Gods in a huge arena without spawning creep waves or towers – similar to the well-known team death match. Of course there are several other modes you can try out but the majority of games happen in Conquest, which resembles the classic MOBA setting with three lanes, towers and spawning creep waves. For competitive players there is, of course, an option to compete in leagues and tournaments with other players from all over the world.


  • Free to play MOBA – SMITE is completely free to play. New Gods and some cosmetic features can be unlocked by simply playing the game
  • An innovative approach to the genre – Playing in third-person is immersive, fun and shifts the focus to what is in front of you
  • A huge pool of playable Gods – No matter if you are a fan of Egyptian or Greek mythology – SMITE has a God for every players taste
  • Game modes for every desired scenario – Whether competitive or just casual, SMITE provides several map setups for classic or faster paced game modes


The Bottom Line

SMITE hit us and hard. Hi-Rez Studios has delivered an innovative and fun approach to the otherwise established MOBA genre. They didn’t just copy DotA or League of Legends, like some other clones did. Instead, they added some things to make their game stand out like the third-player perspective and the manual aiming, to name a couple. The detailed and well thought-out conversion of the Gods from ancient mythologies to in-game content works in every way. Additional game modes and the overall depth of MOBA games will make sure that you spend countless hours on this outstanding game.

Pictures from SMITE


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