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Siegelord – Expand your Empire, Rule the World

Medieval MMO – Siegelord is a brand new release from 37Games. Advertised as similar to “Game of Thrones”, Siegelord plunges you into an epic battle for total dominance over an empire that has been torn into three factions. We were curious to find out what this was all about and whether this new free-to-play title has what it takes to stand among other successful browser games. Here is what we found out.

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Game Concept

Siegelord plays as a mix between a resource management game and Heroes of Might and Magic. You play as a lord, responsible for the well-being and safety of your people. Representing a specific faction, it is up to you to keep your people well-fed and to ensure that your army is decently equipped. This means that you’ll have to construct and upgrade your farms and dwellings and make sure that rival lords don’t threaten your kingdom, since only by establishing a working economy can you get the income that is needed to besiege your foes and rise up as the new emperor in Siegelord.

Well-designed Resource Management

The foundations of any army start with a strong economy. If your kingdom does not generate the necessary amount of gold and food, then there will be no powerful army fighting for your cause. In Siegelord your economy should always be your first concern. Keep an eye on your dwellings and upgrade your lumber mills and mines, in order to have enough construction materials for your barracks or other structures. Also it is important to point out that Siegelord offers a free Auto-upgrade feature, which takes care of any continuous upgrades while you are out or have already gone to bed.

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Another neat feature of Siegelord is the tactics system. Once you have encountered a rival army, the game switches to the combat screen. Here you can adjust the formation of your army and get a first look on the specific units of your enemy. Before the fight begins, there are few things you should consider. Each type of unit has an assigned commander and therefore it is highly recommended to check if your commander is experienced with that specific type of battle, as not all battles are the same. Some commanders are more experienced in sieging fortresses, while others do better on the open field. After you’ve taken care of this, it is time to check what your enemy is up to. Are they trying to charge you? If so, then let your army take a defensive stance and watch them shatter to pieces against your shield wall. Adjusting your tactics on the fly is very important and it determines the outcome of a battle more than anything else.

Great Single Player Campaign

Siegelord also offers a great single player campaign that does a great job at introducing you to the game and its features. The campaign itself consists of scenarios, each with around a dozen separate stages and tasks that need to be fulfilled along its way. The dialogues are well-written and surprisingly decent for a free-to-play title. As you progress, more features become unlocked. For example, you can gain access to a blacksmith, who forges weaponry for your generals and, in return, will enhance the overall fighting capabilities of your army.

Special Features

  • Free-to-play MMO – Siegelord does not require any form of installation. Sign up once and your adventure begins
  • Well-designed Resource Management – Your economy is the backbone of your army and therefore your number one priority. Make sure it keeps growing.
  • Rock, Paper, Scissors – Tactics are more important than numbers. Outplay your enemy with cunning and advanced tactics on the battlefield.
  • Great Single Player Campaign – Siegelord has a decent single player campaign that is not only well-written but also introduces you to all necessary features.


The Bottom Line

Siegelord was only released a few weeks ago and seems to be growing strong. While we were playing it, the chat seemed to be alive with activity and players from all three factions where constantly engaged in several battles all over the world. We can understand why. The resource management has been decently designed along with its advanced tactics system and great single player campaign. Siegelord is a free-to-play title that ticks all the right boxes and will no doubt become a successful game among similar titles.

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