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Shards of War – A New and Futuristic MOBA Enters the Ring

Sci-Fi Action MOBA – Portals to an alternate reality? This is exactly the situation you’ll be finding yourself in in the free-to-play sci-fi action MOBA Shard of War. But the game, developed by Bigpoint GmbH, wouldn’t be a MOBA if it didn’t get straight to the point. You fight as a team with and against other players each with different champions trying to prove who is the best. Does Shards of War sound like a game for you? We put the game under the microscope so that you can find out …

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Game Description

On first impressions the free-to-play sci-fi action MOBA Shards of War will remind you of more familiar games like DOTA or League of Legends. This shouldn’t, however, mean that you should disregard it as a complete copy. Shards of War has its own unique charm due to the focus being on a more sci-fi orientated setting, as opposed to the traditional fantasy elements. We have listed the main features of the game below.

Sci-Fi World and Champions

In Shards of War you’ll have access to all the classic roles you’ve come to expect from other MOBAs. This means you’ll be able to play as a tank, strong damage dealer or a hit and run type assassin, all with a completely coherent futuristic design. This design is in perfect harmony with the dilapidated game environment where the action takes place. Just like in other MOBAs, this environment has been designed with two opposing bases and various lanes and pathways. At the moment, there are 10 different champions available in the BETA version, but you can be sure that more are on their way. Different heroes can be unlocked as you progress and then individually levelled and kitted out while in-game.

Epic Battles

Just like in other comparable games, you’ll be taking part in 5v5 PvP fighting it out in 20 minute battles and on different lanes. There is also the traditional birds eye view, as well as towers and minions to support you. In order to control your character, Bigpoint utilises the classic first-person shooter WASD controls meaning you’ll have to use your mouse to aim and shoot. All this combined provides fast-paced and action-packed gameplay where strategy and tactical thinking are an absolute must. Finally, characters are levelled and upgraded just like in other classic MOBAs.

Crafting System

Asides from the individual strengths of the champions on offer, Shards of War has developed a crafting system allowing you to create your own items from various materials. Materials can be found during battle or bought using the in-game store. You can then equip your champion based on your own play style and use these to help make them more powerful on the battlefield. In theory, each item can be compared to a similar one in other MOBAs, but what makes Shards of War different is that you’ll never quite know which materials you’ll find on the battlefield and therefore you’ll need to be able to adapt to the situation at hand.

Special Features

  • Gameplay: Fight in classic 5v5 PvP battles spread over different lanes with WASD controls and a point and click system
  • Sci-Fi Setting: Dive into a rundown futuristic world, full of advanced technology combined with familiar game mechanics
  • Champions and Weapons: Unlock all the different characters and equip them based on how you like to play
  • Intense Battles: Fight in 20 minute long action-packed battles against other players and show off your strategic knowhow
  • Crafting System: Create individual items from materials that you have found or purchased and use them to kit out your champions


The Bottom Line

Ok. We’ll admit it. The free-to-play sci-fi action MOBA Shards of War has substantial competition but has managed to deliver something new. It’s entertaining, provides a lot of action and fun, interesting characters, an alternative setting and classic birds eye view gameplay which still demands tactical and strategic thinking to master. We definitely feel that Shards of War doesn’t need to hide behind its competitors and we can’t recommend it highly enough!

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