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Shadowbound – A Fantasy MMORPG in a League of its Own

Fantasy MMORPG – Discover and get to grips with a sinister and fantastical world! The free-to-play fantasy MMORPG Shadowbound takes you to a place full of intrigue and corruption and you’re caught up in the middle of it. The game, developed by R2Games, is particularly addictive thanks in part to its detailed graphics, exciting storyline and the sheer quantity of different possibilities to develop your character the way you want to. But is Shadowbound a game for you? Read our test to find out…

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Game Description

It’s hard to know where to begin. The free-to-play fantasy MMORPG Shadowbound provides you with a huge range of exciting features all adding to the overall fun-factor. We’ve put together a few of the main features you can expect to see in-game.

The World of Shadowbound

Just like in every classic fantasy MMORPG, you can expect to be welcomed by a colourful, detailed and fantastical game world, which you’ll need to travel through and explore. You’ll be travelling through clouds and over rainbows, encountering different creatures and learning more about what has gone on in the world of Shadowbound (and believe us when we say a lot has happened). During your journey, you’ll always find new NPCs to get to know, all with their own secrets to reveal about the world.

Battle System

Fighting is a huge part of Shadowbound’s game experience and the game provides you with a lot of opportunities for you to prove your worth. As you’re travelling through the world, you’ll encounter characters, who you can recruit to your team to help you in battles. Later on, you’ll get the option to choose which characters you want to use against particular opponents, making it important to pay attention to the different strengths of your companions. You can even measure yourself up against other players in PvP Battles or become part of a guild if you want. You’ll also never run out of quests to do. There are countless tasks for you to complete, which will both take you through the game and also help you level up your character.

Individual Skill Possibilities

Even when you’ve played through the storyline of Shadowbound and your character has levelled up a fair bit, you’ll have a lot of opportunities to tailor the game to your individual wishes. Whether you want to start by recruiting companions and levelling them up or choosing a guild to join, is completely up to you, much like choosing which skills your hero should learn during the storyline. The game gives you the chance to try out higher level skills in order to plan the best path for your characters development.

Special Features

  • Fantastical World: Discover and explore the giant world of Shadowbound and encounter different creatures along the way
  • Epic Storyline: Discover more about the dark history of Shadowbound, learn secrets and use them to become more and more powerful
  • Join Together: Recruit a group of NPCs, who will help you out in battle and who you’ll be able to level up to your own individual wishes
  • Battle System: Fight in round-based battles and choose your companions strategically
  • Countless Quests: Level your character quickly by completing countless quests during the game
  • Huge Community: Meet up with hundreds of other players on the PvP battlefields or join a supportive guild
  • Tricky Riddles: Solve difficult riddles in the dungeons of Shadowbound


The Bottom Line

What more could you want? The free-to-play fantasy MMORPG Shadowbound combines everything that a good online RPG needs: a fantastical and lovingly-crafted game world, a sinister, while at the same time compelling storyline, diverse NPCs, countless quests and action-packed battles. Shadowbound is a fast-paced game, whose learning curve is easy and thanks to the countless details, quick quests and exciting battles, it will transport you to another world and not let go. It’s definitely worth a try!


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