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Rise of Incarnates – Get Ready! Fight!

Beat em Up Teamplay Action – Between all the MMos, Browser Games, MMORPGs and classic MOBA Games, we were proud to test a brand new and somehow special title today: Rise of Incarnates. Developed by Namco Bandai, who also worked on the famous Soul Cali-bur series, the free to play Action Game Rise of Incarnates took the fighting game genre to a whole new level. Here is why.

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Game Concept

The underlying game concept of Rise of Incarnates is pretty straightforward and compareable to genre giants like Tekken or Street Fighter. Choosing one of several characters that fight for dominance in a post-apocalyptic setting, you and another player are participating in fast paced 2v2 battles in the ruins of the world as we know it. Master the different fighting styles and unleash devastating combos in order to overpower your foes. The reward is paid in the form of valuable currency that can be used to unlock new characters, which require you to refine your combat skills to the max.

Unique characters and fighting styles:

Rise of Incarnates really has an interesting roster of characters from all around the world. While each character does have a human form, they eventually get the ability to change into their divine form when fighting. Some of these transitions are walking on a thin line, spanning from ridiculous to amazing. Let’s take Reinhold Kruger, a german military officer that does fight in a futuristic wheelchair. Once he changes to his divine form though, that wheelchair turns into a huge spiderlike mech with more guns and rockets than legs. Even though some of these transformations and character are way over the top, they really add a certain charm to the game.

Fluent three-dimensional combat system:

As for the combat system itself, Rise of Incarnates is not messing around. While you are al-ways engaged in 2v2 battles, the game does provide some crucial tools to keep you in-formed on what is happening on your screen. That is especially important because death can come from above. Some abilities allow characters to rise up high in the air, to dash around on the battlefield or even to devastate you from far away. While all this can happen at the same time, you need to keep a keen eye on your surroundings and the positions of friend and foe alike.

Great co-op and teamplay experience:

As for your friend, Rise of Incarnates does really put a huge emphasis on cooperative play. Sure, you might be able to smack your foes on your own, but playing cooperatively is just so much more fun. Not only is a good thing to have an ally on the battlefield but being able to unleash huge tag-team moves on your foes is amazing. These moves require certain attacks or openers for your teammate to link his attacks into a massive combo. The prerequisites are dif-ferent and depend on the type of character you are playing, adding more variety to the overall gameplay.

Special Features

  • Free-to-play Beat em Up Action MMO: Just sign up and download the client – Rise of Incarnates is completely free to play.
  • Unique characters and fighting styles: Each of the characters comes with a unique fighting style and abilities you need to master.
  • Fluent three-dimensional combat: Keep a close look on your surroundings, since the enemy can even strike from the skies.
  • Great co-op experience: Team up with a friend and devastate your enemies with mas-sive tag-team combos.


The Bottom Line

The free to play Action MMO Game Rise of Incarnates is a game that does leave us with a great first impression. While we were only able to play a few of the characters, we really loved the overall character design and the uniqueness that each character had. Flying around in armed wheelchairs, unleashing rocket barrages, smacking foes with tag-team moves, these are just some of the things that turn Rise of Incarnates into a decent fighting game. Even though the game is pretty power hungry in terms of hardware and system re-quirements, the graphics and the fluent and polished gameplay do explain why that is the case. All in all we would like to recommend Rise of Incarnates to any fan of proper fighting games – especially those that always wanted to fight alongside their friends and not against each other.

Pictures from Rise of Incarnates


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