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RF Online – A true PvP Explosion!

Sci-Fi / Fantasy MMORPG – RF Online (short for ‘Rising Force Online’) is a free-to-play Sci-Fi MMORPG with an interesting mixture of science fiction and fantasy. The innovative skill system and the focus on giant PvP battles count amongst its special features. Are the special-effects and explosions not enough to convince you? Judge for yourself using what we found out while testing!


Game Premise

In this free-to-play science fiction / fantasy MMORPG, you have the choice between three races, the Accretia, Bellato, and Cora, who you’ll then support in an endless war for priceless raw materials in the Novus Galaxy. We’ll show you the kind of role you’ll take on as a player and which features we found particularly addictive.

Innovative Skill System:

Like in a lot of MMORPGs you are faced at the start with the burden of choice choosing between the different classes, which are kitted out with their own specific strengths and weaknesses. These include the Warrior, Ranger, Spiritualist and Specialist! What’s really special about RF Online comes when you level up for the first time. Instead of collecting skill points in order to level your character, you instead choose the skills you want to improve based on the ones you use the most in battle and by doing so allowing the experience to go straight to the corresponding skill. Thanks to the dual class system you can even combine different classes with each other and create your own unique combination. This innovative skill system creates something unique compared to its MMORPG counterparts and is something we had never seen before.

Gigantic PvP Battles:

RF Online offers a lot of quests, which help you collect experience points but the focus is clearly on PvP. In the so called ‘Chip Wars’ representatives of the three races face each other up to 3 times a day in order to win access and defend raw material mines in battles lasting several hours. This means that there is a so called ‘Explosion of Special Effects,’ in which you are permanently battling against several opponents at the same time and having a ridiculous amount of fun while doing so. As soon as you have a reached a certain level sweating it out by questing, there’s nothing standing in your way to get stuck into the ‘Chip Wars.’

Become a Leader:

Is there more to you than just being a simple soldier in the daily ‘Chip Wars’? No problem! Every player has the possibility of being chosen as the Archon with the important task of making all the game-changing decisions for their race. This includes, in particular, working out the right strategy for the oncoming battle in order to find coveted raw material mines and guaranteeing the dominance of your race in the Novus Galaxy.

Great Soundtrack – You’ll be wanting to turn it up!

The background music in most MMORPGs is normally something that doesn’t get noticed. However, that’s completely different in RF Online. The developers have really put a lot of effort into created a brilliant atmosphere thanks to the music and making the PvP battles that bit more epic through the impressive sounding chords.

Special Features

  • Combination of Sci-Fi and Fantasy: Experience an interesting combination of science fiction and fantasy in a world full of high tech weapons, machines, magic and evocations
  • Innovative Skill System: Learn and improve skills using the special skill system and combine two different classes thanks to the dual class system
  • Giant PvP battles: Be a part of one of three races of the Novus Galaxy and protect your access to the raw material mines in the daily ‘Chip Wars’
  • Become a Leader: Get chosen as an Archon by your fellow players and lead your race to victory by giving orders during the ‘Chip Wars’
  • Atmospheric Soundtrack: An extraordinarily beautiful soundtrack is the perfect accompaniment for your adventures in the Novus Galaxy


The Bottom Line

As soon as you have reached the necessary level required to get properly involved in the ‘Chip Wars,’ this free-to-play science fiction / fantasy MMORPG proves to be a load of fun for PvP fans. Everyone has the possibility to flex their muscles in the ‘Chip Wars,’ which take place up to three times a day. The graphics are not quite up to date, due to the game being released in 2006 but are still good enough to keep up with the latest MMORPGS, due to the effort given by the developers of the game from the beginning. The impressive soundtrack rounds up the game nicely providing a brilliant gaming environment.

Photos of RF Online


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