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Renaissance Kingdoms – Experience Medieval Life

Medieval Roleplaying Game – Are you looking for action-packed 3D battles and exciting fights? Then this isn’t for you! The free-to-play medieval roleplaying game Renaissance Kingdoms gives us another look on the medieval era and focuses on the people who lived through it. Let yourself be taken away into the past and discover the life, customs and fashions of this age.

Game Description

The free-to-play roleplaying game Renaissance Kingdoms takes you away to the medieval era and the year 1450. The aim of the game? Live to the best of your ability. Sounds simple, right? Read on to find out what you can expect.

A Completely Different Roleplaying Game

Renaissance Kingdoms is first and foremost a complex medieval roleplaying game where you start off in a small medieval village as a vagabond. However, unlike other roleplaying games, it doesn’t revolve around the levelling of different abilities or attributes, or fighting computer generated opponents. Instead, it focuses on the fundamentals of survival. If you want to survive in Renaissance Kingdoms, you’ll need to start by finding food, just like in real life. However, food is only for those who can afford it. That means one thing: Work, Work, Work!

Medieval Character Attributes

But watch out! Don’t drink too much or this might affect your character’s effectiveness at work.

One Step at a Time

In Renaissance Kingdoms the level cap is 7 This doesn’t sound like much but each level is challenging to say the least. You’ll need to complete a checklist with different tasks before you can even think of moving up a levelwith the last update, you can go from level I to III in less than a day.. Every level has their own focus. By working in public institutions such as quarries or finding work on a farm, you’ll be able to earn your first bit of money. Once you’ve earned enough money, you’ll be able to own your own piece of land and cultivate it. Only then can you start to think about growing vegetables, wheat or corn, as well as raising cows, pigs or sheep.

From Farmer to Crafter to Student

As soon as you have successfully sold ypur wares at market and put ypur vagabonds to work on your fields, you’ll then have the honour of moving up a level. The Crafter. This includes such jobs as baker, miller, butcher. blacksmith, carpenter or tailor. The next step,- or higher level. consists of studying one of the sciences. This will give you the chance of reaching higher political, economical, military or religious offices whether in your village, province or kingdom and as such you will have a direct influence on these areas.

The King is Dead, Long Live the King

If you’ve completed the challenging task of climbing the ranks from beggar to nobleman, congratulations, but you’re still not at the end. Those with a severe case of wanderlust are able to go on day long marches and discover countless new cities with the chance of opening new ventures. The roleplaying elements are also some of the most important in the game, allowing you to even go to the local pub at any time and hear the latest gossip. You also have the option of using different commands to treat your neighbour to a free beer or even buy one for everybody around. And if you’re fed up with your mayor, then start a revolution and put yourself up for candidacy setting your own laws for the city.

Special Features

  • Career Ladder: Reach level 7and rise the social ranks in Renaissance Kingdoms
  • 3 Attributes: Improve your strength, charisma and intelligence and create an individual character with their own unique abilities
  • Become Who You Want: There’s a suitable job for everyone, whether it’s a vagabond, vegetable farmer, pig herder, miller, crafter or mentor
  • Realism: A realistic medieval setting with authentic game events and villages and countryside with real attention to detail

The Bottom Line

The free-to-play browser game Renaissance Kingdoms is a roleplaying game in a league of its own. It’s not about bloody battles and PvP fighting. It’s all about life in medieval times. There are a ton of features, like the job system, the political and social features and authentic in-game graphics, which really make you feel like you’re experiencing the year 1450. Renaissance Kingdoms is recommended for anyone who are big on authentic game environments and original roleplaying characters. What are you waiting for? Go back in time and experience how it was to live in the past!




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