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Pirate Galaxy – An Epic Sci Fi Adventure in 3D!

Space Browser Game – The Empire is torn apart and it’s up to rescue it. At least that’s the premise of this free-to-play high end online space game Pirate Galaxy as you’re tasked with commandeering your own space ship against enemy troops and suppressing them time and time again. The minds behind this sci-fi adventure, Splitscreen Studios, know how to put together an impressive mix of features, with a giant game world made up of diverse galaxies combined with particularly noteworthy and epic battles. Does Pirate Galaxy sound like a game for you? Read on to find out more…

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Game Description

If you’re a fan of space adventure, ships and everything in between, you’ll love this game! The free-to-play online space game Pirate Galaxy places you firmly in the shoes of a rather unimportant smuggler keeping yourself afloat by stealing with your tiny spaceship as you work your way up to becoming a hero entering into battle between the torn-apart empire and their enemies. The game has a lot of interesting features and we’ve listed the most important ones below:

Exciting Storyline

In Pirate Galaxy, you’ll have the chance of playing through a fantastic story set in a giant network of galaxies. The once powerful empire has been attacked and torn apart by the Mantis, a powerful species. This has led to battles breaking out across the universe and it’s your task to end them. But be careful! You’ll need to consider how you go about this and you’ll need to think tactically if you hope to succeed. Levelling up as fast as possible will help you with this.

Countless Quests

Countless exciting quests are of course included within the storyline and these will earn you experience as well as develop your character. As a small-time smuggler, you’ll also be able to increase your wealth by stealing and completing other missions until you’re able to intervene in the ongoing conflict between the torn apart empire and the Mantis. But this isn’t everything. There is also a giant game world with dozens of different systems of planets to discover and everything has been developed with cool 3D graphics, which fits in nicely with the overall Sci-Fi theme.

Dynamic Battles

You definitely won’t feel bored during fights in Pirate Galaxy. Every battle is fast, intense and requires a lot of concentration and tactical knowhow as your spaceship and those around you fire rocket after rocket at each other. At the same time, you can expect to see epic special effects and powerful enemies, who’ll require you to fight together with friends or as part of an alliance in order to defeat them. You have access to a chat system which can be used to plan your tactics for the battle ahead and make sure that everything goes to plan.

Battleship Upgrades

Of course you won’t be able to take your starting spaceship into these heated battles. You instead have access to countless upgrades which you’ll be able to purchase throughout the game. The further you progress, the more money you’ll earn from quests and the more possibilities you’ll have to kit out your spaceship to your own individual style. You really can upgrade your ship how you want depending on your own personal preferences or the tactics you’ve set out for the battle. Generally the rule is: The better your ship, the more enemies you’ll force to their knees.

Special Features

  • Open World: Explore a gigantic game world with dozens of different galaxies
  • Exciting Storyline: Save the empire from the brink of collapse and defeat the enemy mantis and their queen
  • Countless Quests: Complete hundreds of quests from simple theft to the destruction of enemy ships
  • Epic Battles: Battle in dynamic and tactically fights against enemies and enjoy the high-quality special effects
  • 3D Graphics: Experience high end gaming and detailed graphics free of charge and directly on your browser
  • Unique Spaceship: Kit out your space ship how you want to and upgrade it to a powerful battleship


The Bottom Line

A must for all space fans! The free-to-play online space game Pirate Galaxy provides action and excitement for all fans of battle, yet has enough on offer for roleplaying game fans and fans of the fantasy genre thanks to the countless quests and open world feeling. The 3D graphics are incredibly detailed and the special effects make the game something worth looking at. Even if you’re not really a sci-fi enthusiast, it’s absolutely worth giving this game a go!

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