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Piercing Blow – Aim for the Head

Online FPS – Are you more a lone ranger or do you thrive while working as part of a team? In the free-to-play online FPS Piercing Blow(formerly Project Blackout) from Zepetto, there is something for everyone. The game has everything a good FPS needs from a large selection of game modes to different characters and maps. Registration takes no time at all and afterwards you’ll be able to choose from one of four male and female characters and get stuck into the action. Interested in finding out more? Read on to find out what we discovered when we put the game under the microscope.

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Game Description

In Piercing Blow there are a huge range of options available to customise your character to your liking. In addition, you’ll also be able to play unique game modes like ‘Escape,’ where you either play a dinosaur hunter or as a raptor trying to reach the escape point without first being eliminated. You’ll definitely find everything you need here for an exciting game experience.

Individual Characters

During the game you’ll have the chance to purchase more and more characters to customise and kit out. There are a total of 7 different equipment slots which can hold your classic military equipment, like khaki trousers, as well as more unorthodox items, like a tiger mask. This means that each character can have their own trademark style and your creativity can really be put to work.

Fast-paced Action

You’ll never find fighting boring thanks to the consistent fast pace and explosive action, which reminded us at time of games like Counterstrike. You won’t be able to zoom in using your weapons but this won’t stop you from hitting your target as each weapon has a certain spray rate to help make things easier. You’ll also have access to classic weapon slots for your primary and secondary weapons, knife, as well as your tactical and normal grenades. There’s also the opportunity to buy additional weapons at the in-game store for you to expand your arsenal.

Game Hosts

Just like in other FPS games, each round is hosted by one of the players. That also means there are more than enough options available to the host. This includes a total of 47 maps and 7 game modes, as well as the ability to ban grenades. Generally you’ll be able to modify just about anything your heart desires until the end of the round. And don’t worry about long waiting timers as you won’t find them here. You’ll be completely free to stay in your game flow without fear of any interruptions.

Special Features

  • Individual Characters: Choose between a total of 8 completely customisable characters
  • FastPaced Action: Feel the tension throughout thanks to close combat, well-organised maps and well-balanced weapons
  • Game Hosts: Huge selection of 47 maps and 7 game modes, as well as a long list of in-game modifications
  • Life Bar: Don’t get distracted by a bloody screen! Your health is shown by an aesthetically pleasing life bar
  • Tournaments: Register for some of regular tournaments and test your skill against the best of the best


The Bottom Line

Piercing Blow is a game for anyone who is a fan of online FPS games. The controls are intuitive and you’ll be able to dive into the action without any hesitation from the very beginning. You don’t even need to worry about long waiting times and the huge list of modifications available make sure that every round is as exciting as the last. The Escape mode was something we found particularly unique as you try to escape as a dinosaur, or stop your opponent from doing the same. There’s no doubt in our minds that this game deserves a big recommendation, especially for those who want to try something different. Test yourself against other players from around the world and who knows, maybe one day you’ll end up in the Hall of Fame!

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