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Panzer General Online – Fight the battle of your life!

Strategy Game – Want to rewrite history? The free-to-play strategy browser game Panzer General Online gives you the opportunity to do just that! This brand new game, developed by Ubisoft, lets you dive into the events of the Second World War and experience the battles for yourself. The game delivers a particularly convincing set of graphics, as well as providing the player a lot of freedom. But is this enough to convince you? Read our review and find out for yourselves.

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Game Description

Every wannabe strategist will have their hearts racing in no time! The free-to-play strategy browser game Panzer General Online really doesn’t leave much to the imagination. We have put together the game’s best features to give you an overview of why we think the game deserves to be tried out.

Exciting Action

You have the chance to prove your worth in different battles from the Second World War. These are all based on original scenarios, including the locations and involved parties. The player assumes the role as a general tasked with leading their unit to victory. One of the most attractive elements of Panzer General Online is the 3D graphics, which intensify and improve the game experience during the fighting. In addition you are also able to learn new skills, which get stronger as the game progresses, increasing your chances on the battlefield.

Countless War Equipment

You aren’t just reliant on tanks to win the battle. An extensive selection of war equipment is at your disposal, which can be sent onto the battlefield. This includes infantry, artillery and many different tanks and aircraft. Here lies the element of strategy, as not every unit is suitable for every situation. You need to proceed strategically in order to gain the upper hand. There is still, however, a large amount of freedom while selecting your units and every player can put into practice their own individual fighting style.

Building your Army

Another particularly excellent feature of Panzer General Online can be found during collecting and trading. The tanks and units, which are used in battle are collected as miniature models and these can be swapped with other players online if you wish. This gives you the possibility to personalise your squadron and army to match the unit attributes with your own game style.

Game Modes

It is not only just during the set up and planning stages, where Panzer General online gives you the freedom of choice. On the contrary, the game has also made different game modes available depending on what you enjoy. You can go through the campaign in one-player mode and test your strength against the pre-programmed computer, or you can play against other players with their own individual armies in multiplayer mode. Both modes give you the opportunity to experience the historical battles of the Second World War.

Special Features

  • Freedom of Choice: Live out the past and influence the outcomes
  • Strategic Battles:Fight in the battles of the Second World War with detailed 3D graphics
  • Diverse Weapons: Put together your units and adapt your weapon arsenal to each individual battlefield
  • Grow through Trading: Trade with other players to expand and strengthen your army
  • BrowserGame: Play directly on your browser without any lengthy downloads


The Bottom Line

This is your chance! The free-to-play strategy browser game Panzer General Online has impressed us a lot. The authenticity and individualism, coupled with excellent animation and the advantages of online gaming make this game particularly exciting and fulfil all our expectations. You are guaranteed to enjoy this immensely!

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