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Orcs Must Die! – A battle game that will win you over!

Battle Game – Prepare yourself for epic battles! The free-to-play PvP action game ‘Orcs Must Die!’ sends you to the most action-packed battles possible. The game has been developed by Robot Entertainment and released by Gameforge, whose previous online games include the well-known Aion and Runes of Magic. It has recently impressed countless gamers overnight after starting with the closed beta phase. But do you think Orcs Must Die! could be a game for you? Read our review and find out…

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Game Description

Time for the ultimate battle! The free-to-play PvP action game Orcs Must Die! will knock you over with its fast pace. Asides from the quick battles and brutal action, the game has countless additional features waiting to be tried out. We have listed the best of them below.

Unlimited Heroes

You really have the burden of choice in this game. Orcs Must Die! has an extensive range of heroes complete with different skills to choose from. Every class possible is on offer each kitted out with individual strengths and special attacks and skills, including Warriors with swords, crossbows or bow and arrows, Mages with powerful attacks and pretty nasty Monsters. As the game progresses, you’ll have the ability to upgrade your hero by levelling up, as well as equipping different weapons and traps. The longer you play for, the more new heroes you’ll be able to discover along the way.

Attack und Defense

Even though Orcs Must Die! isn’t exactly your classic Defend the Tower game, there are a few basic and familiar elements to the game. That means that you don’t just have to attack your enemy and try to take over their Rift, but you’ll also need to make sure that your own is properly defended by any means possible. In order to do this, you have access to particularly devastating traps, which can be placed to hold back your enemy. If the enemy manages to avoid them, then you’ll just have to fight them back using your weapons and magical abilities. Or simply run to their base and try to destroy it before they can do the same to yours. The choice is yours.

Tactical Teamwork

Tactics mean victory in Orcs Must Die! Every hero has their own special strengths and weaknesses and this means it’s important to form your team appropriately and work together. You need to think strategically about where to place traps defensively in order to hold off the incoming enemies as well as how best to attack the opposing base. It’s this balancing act between defence and offense that will require teamwork and tactical knowhow.

Collect Heroes

A particularly interesting feature of the game are the cards you receive at the end of each game, which can be traded in for new weapons, monsters, traps and even heroes. These can be collected and then put together to form new battle decks, which can then be used to decide what kind of weapons and minions are used in the next game. Before every battle you even have the choice to decide on a strategically appropriate combination of weapons, traps and monsters for your chosen heroes. These heroes and items can then be upgraded after each game.

Special Features

  • Countless Heroes: Decide on your favourite from an extensive list of heroes and enter the fray
  • High Tempo: Fight in high-speed battles across the map and fight off anything that gets in your way
  • Place Traps: Place traps in strategically important points to hold back your enemy and help lead you to victory
  • Defence Mode: Take over enemy control points and defend your own at the same time
  • Unbelievable Action: Experience epic battles with magical attacks, explosions and a lot of carnage
  • Small Minions: Send your minions ahead of you into battle to absorb the worst of the damage
  • Monster Waves: Build new traps before the enemy minions get to you to stamp out the enemy


The Bottom Line

We’re being serious when we say that this game really blew us away. The free-to-play PvP action game Orcs Must Die! is a battle game in a league of its own with loud, colourful and wild effects, nasty traps and countless characters to choose from. The numerous features and fast pace ensure that you’ll not get bored easily. This is a game that any friend of action needs to try out at least once! 

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