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Nova Genesis – Explosive Action Direct On Your Browser

Browser Fantasy MMORPG – Cerulea is a kingdom that has been torn apart by internal struggles and war. After recent reports of invading demonic forces, its future looks rather grim. Thankfully there are people like you, uprising individuals that try to restore the peace and liberate the land of its demonic invaders. Even though the story might not sound a little farfetched at first glance, we’ve put together a list of reasons why Nova Genesis is a pretty entertaining free-to-play title. Read on to find out more …

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Game Concept

The basic concept of Nova Genesis follows classic MMORPG guidelines. Starting out as a rookie character, you only have access to some basic gear and a fistful of gold coins in your pocket. Following the story of the game, you in turn become more experienced while earning money and, more importantly, better gear in the process. By enhancing your overall attributes, you unlock additional abilities, meet new companions and find other ways to improve your overall fighting capabilities.

Three Unique Classes Available:

Currently, there are three different classes available: Corsair, Wraith and Psyon. So what exactly might a Corsair resemble? Well, basically you could call them a Warrior, Rogue and Mage. This might help you get an idea of what you are about to play. For our play through we decided to go with the Wraith, a nimble fighter with catlike agility and hard hitting melee attacks with a high chance to critical hit. Taking a quick look at the other classes, we noticed that every class plays differently and the skillset is unique to the class that you have chosen.

Awesome Combat:

The combat really is the bread and butter of Nova Genesis. Actually, we can’t recall the last time combat felt so intuitive and rewarding in a free-to-play game. As it is turn based, you are in full control of your attacks and by issuing specific commands to your character, you can unleash devastating swipes against your foes. Furthermore, there is a huge combo system that allows you to chain specific attacks, in order to maximize the damage done. For instance, we encountered a wolf that we uppercutted with one character while having our other party member impale it onto an ice spike by hitting the space bar just as the wolf reached midair.  Even though this might not seem like much, it’s those little quick time events that really make the combat shine. Hitting one of those devastating combos really gives you an unbelievable sense of accomplishment

Everything a MMORPG Needs and More:

To make sure that Nova Genesis doesn’t become boring, the developers at R2Games have really put some effort into the game by adding additional content and several minor features that you can unlock during your adventure in Cerulea. Without wanting to spoil too much, we guarantee that you will find almost every feature that you have in current MMORPG’s and more. Especially the campaign, which we weren’t that fond of in the beginning, developed into a segmented adventure that takes on epic dimensions at varying points and definitely immerses you in the fate of Cerulea.

Special Features

  • Free-to-play MMORPG – Nova Genesis does not require any form of installation. Sign up once for free and your adventure begins.
  • Three Unique Classes – Choose between the Corsair, the Wraith and the Psyon. Each one has a unique set of abilities and its own distinctive style.
  • Amazing Combat System – Unleash and link devastating attacks into powerful combos that will vaporize your foes
  • Features Galore – Nova Genesis has it all. Crafting, Mounts, Dungeons, Companions – you name it, you will find it.


The Bottom Line

We are surprised. We honestly didn’t expect to spend so much time playing the free to play Browser Fantasy MMORPG Nova Genesis, nor did we expect to enjoy it so much. With the initial story of a yet another kingdom in need of a hero, we were a bit unsure of what to expect from Nova Genesis. Surprisingly enough it was the campaign that we really enjoyed playing. We can’t put our finger on it yet, but it definitely has something to do with the overall impression we got from the game. The combat system is awesome, the combo attacks are just flashy and the story driven progress that unlocks new features, attacks and other neat gimmicks hits the right spots. As surprised as we may be – Nova Genesis is, without a doubt, a pretty awesome game and we highly recommend checking it out.

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