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Nostale – The free-to-play fantastical Anime Online Role-playing game

Anime MMORPG – In the free-to-play online role-playing game Nostale you dive straight into a fantastical world of manga full of treasure, tasks and challenges. The free-to-play MMORPG offers up a lot of fun for all ages through the numerous features dedicated to social interaction. We have put together the most important features…

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Game Premise

The free-to-play fantasy MMORPG Nostale captivates the player in a graphically playful world full of treasure, challenges and adventure, simply waiting to be discovered and overcome.

Fantastical World of Anime:

In the fantastical world of Nostale you set foot on the wonderful environment as an inexperienced adventurer. The originally peaceful world of Nostale, where once races of men, Kenkos, Koaren and Catsy lived together in harmony, has now been threatened by a looming rebellion by the Kenkos. It is your task to enter into countless adventures in order to bring peace back to Nostale. In Nostale, Magic has a huge importance. Every character has the ability to learn the elemental powers of fire, water, light and shadow and to use these in different ways through various battle techniques.

Innovative Character System:

In the free-to-play Anime MMORPG Nostale, you start off as an inexperience adventurer. After you have finished your first quests and hit level 10, you are able to decide between one of three basic classes. These consist of the Archer, the Swordsman and the Mage. However, this isn’t everything. In regular intervals (levels 36, 46, 55, 65, 75 and 80) you are able to develop your character further through specific special classes. For example, the Archer is able to become a Wild Keeper, Destroyer or Fire Cannoneer, while the Swordsman can develop into a Warrior, Gladiator or a Battle Monk. If you are wanting to be a Mage, then you have a choice between becoming, amongst others, an Ice Mage, Shadow Mage or by hitting the maximum level, Tide Lord.

Useful Companions:

Nostale offers you a diverse range of various companions. Aside from other players or guild members, you are able to capture and tame wild animals within the fantasy world. You are then able to train them and use them in battle to support you. As well as these so-called pets, Nostale also offers up NosMates to use as temporary companions. NosMates are other computer-generated characters, which you can hire for particularly difficult missions. The NosMates are also a type of mercenary, who can be further developed and kitted out. You definitely should not underestimate them as they are a substantial help completing quests and fighting against enemies.

Social Features:

The free-to-play anime role-playing game Nostale gives you a range of opportunities to get into contact with other players and create a social life within the game. The giant cities of Nostale are there for this very reason. These are the central points of trade, in which players can meet up with each other in order to chat or to exchange items. Alongside this, Nostale also has its own housing system, allowing you to build up and expand your own house and garden. It’s even possible to marry characters within the game and to celebrate the occasion by putting on a big party.

Special Features

  • Innovative Character System: Choose between 3 basic character classes, which can then be further developed into 6 special classes
  • Specialists: After successfully completing quests and raids get access to specialist maps and transform your character temporarily into powerful specialists!
  • Pet System: Nostale makes it possible for you to capture, tame and train animals found within its fantasy world in order for them to aid you in battle!
  • Chapter System: Battle through a total of 5 epic and completely different chapters, portraying diverse and fantastical worlds
  • NosMates: Similar to pets, NosMates are very useful companions. They follow you on their own free will and can be trained and further developed!
  • Housing System: Nostale gives you the opportunity to build, decorate and expand your own house and garden
  • Social Features: Asides form the extensive community events and guild features, Nostale enables characters to get married and to celebrate in style!


The Bottom Line

The free-to-play anime role-playing game Nostale has impressed us through its giant fantasy and manga-influenced world. This isn’t, however, everything that the game has to offer. For the player, who likes to play with others, this Anime MMORPG gives you many different opportunities for cooperative play through the countless pets, NosMates and guild features. If you’re looking for a graphically fun online role-playing game, you will have a lot to enjoy playing Nostale.

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