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Mythborne – Save the Olympians from the Forces of Pure Evil!

Fantasy MMORPG – The gods are at war and you, as the chosen one, are the only hope left! With this introduction you are thrown right into the free-to-play fantasy browser MMORPG Mythborne, where Zeus himself is in need of your help. Will you be able to stop the Titans and banish the curse from Pandora´s Box? We set out to learn more and put R²Games new free-to-play game to the test…

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Game Concept

Long time ago the evil was banished from earth´s surface, when the human race united – blessed with the power of the gods. But by the time your journey in the free-to-play fantasy MMORPG Mythborne starts, evil powers have made their way back and they´re stronger than ever. Fighting your way to the top of evil, you will meet all kinds of gods and mysterious creatures. Adding to the beautiful artwork of the characters and the setting, you´ll find a lot of battle event features to improve your skills and battle rating in PvP and PvE experience. We´ve listed the most important features for you below.

Olympians and Titans

One thing that makes Mythborne stand out from the crowd is its ancient Greek mythology background. You will not only encounter several Olympic gods, called the Olympians, you also learn quite a bit about the strife between the Olympians and the Titans. In Mythborne, the Titans have opened Pandora´s Box and spread its curse all over the world. Now, people need a new hero (that would be you, by the way) and with the help of gods like Zeus, Athena and Hercules you are trying to defeat the evil forces in order to prove yourself as the Chosen One. To do this, you have the choice between five classes like a tank or healer. Mythological creatures like phoenixes and other monsters will also be part of your journey.

Recruit your own Heroes

You will need help defeating your enemies and what could be more helpful in a fight than an army of heroes? Right, nothing! But where do you find those heroes? Most of them can be found in the tavern, where you will need a certain amount of ale and prestige to recruit them. If you have enough of these then you can easily add them to your group and have them fight for you. Heroes have different qualities, some of them are very common, while others are rare and have special skills. You will need both defensive and offensive heroes in your team so your choice on who to recruit next should be made wisely. To recruit the rare ones you will need quite a lot of ale and prestige available but they will be a huge help to your group. There are even heroes that can only be recruited in special events.

PvP and PvE battles

Fighting takes up a huge part of the gameplay experience in Mythborne. No matter if you are looking for PvP or PvE action, there are many opportunities for you to prove yourself. PvE combat is mostly found during quests and a good way to level up to be able to enter special events hosted during the day. Examples for those would be the World Boss event or the War Gods event, where you fight against very dangerous enemies. In both cases you will need a lot of fighting experience and a certain level but you can also receive great rewards and EP in the process. PvP action is found in the arena, where you can challenge other players or join a guild and take part in the guild warfare, where you can fight together with your guild members for EP, titles and prestige.

Special Features

  • Fantasy World: Enjoy the beautifully detailed setting of this huge world and explore its secrets while fighting countless monsters on your journey
  • Choose your Class: There are five classes to pick for your character, so it is your decision which class suits your style of gameplay best
  • Recruiting Heroes: Find and recruit heroes in the tavern, using ale and prestige to get them to join your team and fight for you
  • Olympians vs Titans: Get to know the ancient Greek gods and titans, learn about their background and their story
  • Join the Battle: Take part in various different events and battle situations, both PvE and PvP fights, and earn prestige, rewards and experience
  • Mounts and Skills: Form your character, learn new skills and make them more powerful while traveling around on mighty and upgradable mounts


The Bottom Line

So what were our first impressions of the free-to-play fantasy MMORPG Mythborne? Colorful and detailed! Its look and beautiful artwork is one of the main features of the game. Wherever you go, you´ll meet amazing looking characters with fancy costumes and armor. After getting deeper into the story you will find there are so many different quests, events and reward systems to discover and you can easily spend hours and hours playing. Actually, there is even a reward for how long you have played. The higher your character levels, the more events they can join and benefit from and it doesn´t matter if you prefer to fight against real players or PvE, you will certainly find more than enough challenges for you!


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