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My Little Farmies – A quaint country life is calling!

Farm simulation browser game – You love country life, and you always wanted to become a farmer? Then the free browser game My Little Farmies is just the right thing for you! See to your animals, cultivate cereal, and build your farm just the way you dreamt it!  

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My Little Farmies – Game description

In the free farm browser game My Little Farmies players experience a quaint country life first hand. Your task is to develop a small plot of land into a blossoming estate. But this isn’t by far everything this popular browser game has to offer.

Home Sweet Home

In this free farm game players must prove their love of animals and agricultural skill on a daily basis. My Little Farmies has 49 levels and countless tasks that players can take to. Agriculture and livestock breeding are the most important tasks, and they represent the basic raw materials in My Little Farmies.  Players can make countless other products using these raw materials, and they can sell these products for profit. But for this they also need pretty market stands that attract customers with eye-catching ornamentation. Visitors roam about the entire farm. There are thought bubbles floating over their heads, and in these bubbles players can see what products the visitors are interested in. If you made the right products and sell them to the visitors, you receive experience points and money. Alternatively, players can wait for ambulant traders who visit farms regularly. You get more money for your products from the traders. The bigger your own farm in My Little Farmies, the more traders and visitors will come to see it. All products, animals and buildings are structured as cards, which you collect or exchange with other players.

A green thumb is especially important

Plants and animals are the most important elements on any farm, and they need the appropriate kind of care, of course. Watering the seeds regularly shortens cultivation periods. The animals must also be fed daily. The better care players take of their animals, the better the animals’ mood, and the higher the prices players can get for them. The animals show their needs in thought bubbles similar to the visitors’. But farmers don’t necessarily have to just grow their animals and then sell them, they can also keep them. Animals provide important basic raw materials such as milk and wool, which can be later processed into other products. All animals live in gates, which are available in different sizes. Players have the possibility of refurbishing every housing, and for that they get certain bonuses. In My Little Farmies players have 25 different types of plants at their disposal, 10 animal species and 21 production buildings.


Playing alone sure is a lot of fun, but playing with friends is even better! This also applies to My Little Farmies. Players can visit other players’ farms in this browser game, and they can help on these farms every day. For this, players get friendship stars, for which they also get additional collection cards. You can also give your neighbors special presents. Once you’ve reached level 12, you can join a hansa or start one yourself in My Little Farmies. Members of a hansa get alliance bonuses. The login-bonus gets the player 4 to 8 cards daily, which may include the particularly valuable Wonder of the World Cards which, at their turn, include special decorations, buildings or animals. There are also over 378 achievements waiting to be taken on.

A great mix

The free browser game My Little Farmies takes players to a setting with a medieval feel and a stylish comic-book look. The graphics are elaborately detailed, and the animations fluid. Thanks to detailed statistics players constantly have a good overview of their farm. The nice background music gives the whole concept a perfect final touch, and it really makes the player feel in a truly magical world.

The best features of My Little Farmies

  • Keep growing: In My Little Farmies you keep developing. You have to scale over 49 challenging levels on your way up.
  • Great selection of achievements and quests: In this free browser game players can strive for over 378 achievements and almost countless quests. Long-time activity is guaranteed.
  • Fun for collectors: In My Little Farmies players can collect over 270 cards, which they can exchange with other players.
  • Every day on the farm: Players who log in every day on My Farmies get a login bonus and cool gifts.
  • Back to history: The medieval setting in colorful comic-book style is fun, and it seems timeless. This browser game works on older computers as well.  


My Little Farmies – Conclusions

My Little Farmies makes for a great gaming experience for little farmers as well as for grown-ups. Countless quests, endless cultivation possibilities and 49 levels ensure great gaming fun, and fans of collecting cards also get what they like most. The graphics and musical background are both also great. Build the farm of your dreams, grow it, and let the game take you to a truly magical country world!

Photo of My Little Farmies

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