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My Free Zoo – Build your own zoo!

Zoo browser game – Most people know it from the TV commercial: My Free Zoo! This free zoo building browser game boasts over 4 million players who work on their zoos day and night. But does this free online game really live up to its promise? We tested out this cute building game for you, and this is what we discovered.

Official trailer My Free Zoo


Game principle

In MyFreeZoo you’re a zoo manager who ensures that countless animals have a home in which they can feel safe and happy. As zoo manager you equip the compound, for which you have countless items such as play installations, feeding troughs and standpipes at your disposal. This browser game doesn’t limit your creativity in any way.

For animal lovers:

The most important task of a zoo manager is to ensure the animals’ well being. This involves feeding and care, but also little games and stroking. Visitors can only enjoy the zoo if the little ones are happy.

Baby animals at the zoo:

If the animals at the zoo are well taken care of, then you can expect cubs.  These baby animals have been created with a lot of love for details, and they’re really cute. It’s almost a pity when you have to build the first compounds when they start growing up.

For zoo builders:

Once the visitors are in the park, it’s your task to try and get as much money as possible out of their pockets. For this purpose you build snack bars and souvenir shops.  But don’t think only about the money! The visitors may want to go to the toilet or take a break on a bench. You have to keep an eye on customer satisfaction. Not to mention that nice decorations will delight your visitors.

The whole package:

The animals will slowly reproduce, and your compound will slowly grow into a zoo empire. As your zoo grows, you’ll unlock new animals and attractions, which guarantees long term gaming fun. If you like free online building games with a cuddling element, you’ll love MyFreeZoo.  


  • G-rated: MyFreeZoo is 100 % violence free, and therefore suitable for children of any age.  
  • Cute visuals: MyFreeZoo offers elaborate cute visuals with many details and sweet animated animals.
  • Many animals: MyFreeZoo offers not only countless different buildings and compounds, but also hundreds of different animals.
  • Easy for beginners: Thanks to the elaborate tutorial and many explanations, anyone can find into the game very easily.  
  • Free to play: Despite the possibility of buying special items, MyFreeZoo can be played completely free, without limitations.


Conclusions about MyFreeZoo

My Free Zoo is a free browser game, absolutely recommendable for adults and children alike. The parks and animals have been created with a lot of attention to details. Moreover, a lot of attention has been given in order to make it user-friendly. We can really recommend the game to players of all ages.

Photo of My free Zoo

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