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Mu Classic – A Classy Comeback

Browser MMORPG – Mu Classic is the rebirth of the well-known Mu Online. While Mu Online was one of the first titles, which defined the MMORPG genre, Mu Classic is trying to take it to the next level. New features, new content and a graphic overhaul are just some of the promises that have been made by NGames, the developer of Mu Classic. That was enough reason for us to try out this new free-to-play title and to find out once and for all if it’s actually a worthy successor.

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Game Concept

Mu Classic has all the key components of a traditional MMORPG. When you begin your journey, you only have your basic gear and a few coins in your pocket. That means that you have to complete quests, slay monsters and find other ways to acquire better equipment to improve your gear and increase your chances of survival, since only the strongest characters will prevail in Mu Classic.

Appealing Character Classes:

At the moment Mu Classic only has three different classes that you can choose from. There is the swordsman, a melee expert that strikes at close range to overpower his foes with hard hitting sword strikes, the Mage, a master of elemental magic and also a powerful support character that takes out enemies from afar, and the Archer, an expert at long range physical attacks. All these characters have a unique set of skills and abilities and once you have managed to raise them up to the highest of levels, you even get the chance to unlock prestige classes, like the Magic Gladiator, a character that has the ability to combine elemental and physical attacks.

Naval and Air Combat:

One of the most noteworthy features is the combat design in Mu Classic. While we were playing the game and were fighting the first few enemies in forests, caves and cities, we suddenly found ourselves fighting deep in the ocean and high up in the skies. This was not just a refreshing change of scenery but also opened up the path for a whole new set of enemies and ways to approach combat. This feature is definitely something unique to Mu Classic.

Castle Sieges and More:

Aside from the single player campaign that you mostly follow while you are leveling, there are tons of side-missions and other activities that you can participate in. Once you have joined a guild, a whole new set of opportunities opens up to you and castle siege is one of the most interesting. Sieges are group-focused battles that require coordination and a proper guild to pull off. Even though they are more demanding than single player activities, they also yield a way higher level of loot and other nice rewards. And even when you haven’t found a guild yet, Mu Classic has other little features that provide extra income for your character.

Special Features

  • Free-to-play MMORPG – Mu Classic does not require any form of installation. Sign up once and your adventure begins.
  • Appealing Classes – Choose between the Swordsman, the Mage and the Archer. Each one has a unique set of abilities and its own distinctive style.
  • Naval and Air Combat – Fight your enemies at land, under the sea and even high up in the skies.
  • Sieges and tons of other Features – With castle sieges and other side-missions, Mu Classic provides tons of activities that will keep any player occupied for a long time.

The Bottom Line

Mu Classic has kept its initial promises. You will notice a difference between Mu Online and Mu Classic, not only in terms of its overall visual appearance, but also in its core gameplay. The character classes aren’t over the top but have been spiced up with unlockable prestige classes and other design choices that also influence the combat system. The combat is similar to that found in Mu Online, but they have yet again added some spice with the addition of naval and air combat. In conclusion, Mu Classic has become a worthy successor to Mu Online. It is a game that orients itself around the well-designed features of its predecessor and has even managed to expand on them.

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