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Monkey King Online –An unbelievable fantasy journey to the west

Fantasy MMORPG – R2Games recent addition to the market of free to play browser MMORPGs takes you on a trip to ancient Chinese mythology. Following in the footsteps of Sun Wukong, the monkey king, you depart on an epic journey to the west. A revamp of one of the most popular pieces of ancient Chinese literature in the form of a free to play fantasy MMORPG? The idea sounded intriguing, so we went ahead and checked it out.

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Game concept

You begin your journey with only the clothes on your back. You can currently choose between four different characters, one of them being San Wukong, the monkey king himself. While completing events and quests, you will find better gear, acquire new skills and make powerful allies with unique skills. As you progress, you will unlock new features like crafting, enchanting and the ability to transform into mighty deities to become strong enough to overpower your rivals.

Revamped Chinese mythology

Transferring one of the oldest pieces of Chinese literature into a contemporary fantasy MMORPG is an interesting concept. Mythical creatures, deities and a quest line based on the novel “Journey to the West“ all come together in Monkey King Online to deliver a good mix of gameplay. The artwork, characters and overall storytelling are impressive and help spice up the fast paced combat, flashy animations and a neat soundtrack to turn Monkey King Online into an appealing title for today’s players.

Not a time consuming MMORPG experience

MMORPG’s are often time consuming and they usually reward you based on the amount of time you spend playing the game. While Monkey King Online also works with this basic concept, it still provides some unique features that will help you to get the good stuff without spending countless hours mindlessly farming. Of course there is the possibility to keep grinding the same mob over and over again, but by adding a feature called “auto play” the developers at R2Games give you the chance to spend your time doing something else, while the game is basically running on autopilot. What it means is that you follow your character during any given quest, killing mobs on his own until you want to take control again. Even though it’s a matter of personal taste, it can’t be denied that this feature can be pretty convenient while you need to answer the phone or take your dog for a walk.

Countless Events and Dungeons

A major part of any MMORPG experience comes with its dungeons and especially its late game content. Where some games fail to provide enough opportunities to keep their players interested and occupied with meaningful tasks, Monkey King Online offers a huge range of dungeons and events. These dungeons can be completed on your own or as a team alongside other players. Same goes for certain events and PvP tournaments that are also part of the gameplay experience in Monkey King Online. Even after spending several hours playing the game you will always find something that seems to be worthwhile doing without getting the feeling that you have become part of a major grind fest.

Special Features

  • Four unique classes: Choose between the 4 unique and feature packed classes and play with the Monkey King himself, the fox daemon or other unique classes
  • Free to play MMORPG: Coming as a free to play MMORPG, Monkey King Online can be played without download directly in your browser
  • Revamped Chinese mythology: A more than 500 year old part of traditional Chinese literature and mythology straight to your PC. Fully redesigned with modern artwork, crisp animations and a nice soundtrack
  • Not a time consuming grind fest: Where most MMORPG’s need you to play them for ages to get the good stuff, Monkey King Online gives you the tools to significantly speed up the process
  • Tons of Events and Dungeons: Countless events and dungeons are available for players of every level – no matter if you are playing on your own or together with a team


The Bottom Line

The conversion of a more than 500 year old novel into an appealing fantasy MMORPG has succeeded. Monkey King Online has managed to impress us with its artwork, flashy combat and lovely soundtrack. Even though the game has issues with its overall streamlined gameplay and the ‘love it or hate it’ auto play feature, it provides enough reasonable arguments to convince us that it’s a decent free to play title, which is definitely a worth diving into.

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