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Miramagia – Perform magic until you drop!

Fantasy Farm Browser Game – In the free-to-play farm browser game ‘Miramagia,’ magic is key. It doesn’t matter if you’re building up your village, harvesting crops or nurturing your baby dragon, without magic you just won’t cut it! So wave your wand and let yourself be carried away to the world of ‘Miramagic!’

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Game Description

In Miramagia, your magical garden is the core focus. Without green fingers, or rather green wands, you won’t get very far. Read for yourself about what you can expect.

Your Own Magician:

In the free-to-play browser game Miramagia, you can decide whether you want to play as a mage, witch, druid or shaman. This only changes what your character looks like and doesn’t have any other advantages or disadvantages. That means you don’t have to worry about choosing a class, only to find that you have particular handicaps or limitations as the game progresses.

More than just a Plant Whisperer:

Miramagia is ultimately a construction simulator, giving you the opportunity to nurture, harvest and sell your crops. With 27 different magical plant types to choose from, the selection is pretty extensive. An additional task for your wannabe magician is to look after your own cute dragon. The dragon doesn’t just act as an assistant, but draws small faeries to your garden, which are particularly advantageous. The more faeries there are, the better the harvest! But that’s not everything. For example, you can race against other dragons and win great prizes in the process. If that’s not enough for you, there are also the countless quests, tricky puzzles and particularly fussy customers to deal with. You can also try your hand at being the interior designer of your own dream house kitted out with unique furniture from Emma the Witch’s shop.

Garden Friends:

Even though ‘Miramagia’ was built as a solo game, you don’t have to do all the work yourself! Friends are able to help share the burden and the most diligent can benefit from this. This means you are able to visit your friends’ gardens and help care for their crops. As a reward, you earn extra experience points in the process, meaning that it’s worth the effort!

Colourful Pictures:

Mirmagia was lovingly designed with colourful and over-the-top graphics in a comic book style. Joyous bird calls and amusing splashing can be heard in the background, coupled with the visuals of cute dragons and countless faeries flying through the garden. These are adorable touches that really make the game endearing and help to create a magical atmosphere.

Special Features

  • Construction Simulator: Design your own magical garden with a diverse range of different plants and magic
  • Garden Friends: Support other magicians and win new friends, while collecting extra experience points
  • Dragon Racing: Let your dragon race against others to win great prizes
  • Personal Touches: Build up your village and your own home in your own individual style with great accessories
  • Colourful Game World: Experience a lovingly crafted, dazzling and funny game world with comic book style graphics


The Bottom Line

The free-to-play farm browser game Miramagia is a rich garden simulator with some RPG elements. The colourful graphics and the beautiful acoustic background music give the game a really endearing flair, which is particularly enjoyable. The selection of different tasks means that it never gets boring. Do you want to play with magic? Then let yourself be captivated by the world of ‘Miramagia’ and wave your own wand!

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