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Mighty Quest for Epic Loot – A Hack ‘n’ Slash in a League of

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Hack ‘n’ Slash MMO  – Fancy rising through the ranks to become conquerer of a giant medieval empire? We thought as much! The free-to-play online Hack ‘n’ Slash Mighty Quest for Epic Loot is a colourful, wild and chaotic firework of a game. The game, developed by the the well-known Ubisoft studios, really impressed us. Curious yet? Well read on to find out what we discovered when we put the game under the microscope…

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Game Description

Admittedly when you log on to the free-to-play online Hack ‘n’ slash Mighty Quest for Epic Loot for the first time and have taken your first peek at the in-game content, you might feel like asking yourself, ‘What the heck?!’ But to be completely honest, the way that the game embraces its own style and aesthetic is something that you’ll soon learn to love. You might, on the other hand, feel that with its medieval setting and figures, this game is just your typical ‘been there, done that’ MMO but look deeper and you’ll soon find yourself bowled over by its uniqueness and top quality features. We have put together the best of these below.

Opulenzia – The Medieval Era was Yesterday

Opulenzia, the Cloud Kingdom, has clearly been influenced by the Medieval era thanks to its castles, weapons and characters like Knights and Magicians. However, you won’t find any darkness or dirt in this kingdom and can instead expect to see a colourful world full of wealth and decadence. As a citizen of Opulenzia, there’s nothing you like to do more than decorating your castle, wearing extravagant clothing and above all, looting your opponent at any given opportunity. Let the next battle commence!

Classic Characters with a Twist

The characters within Might Quest for Epic Loot are simply magnificent. You have four to choose from: the Knight, the Archer, the Mage and the Runaway, who is particularly valued for her speed in close-combat situations. You aren’t able to customise your character, which actually isn’t that bad considering how well developed and rounded they all are. Everyone wants to be the best and most successful and thanks to their design, the game parodies the classic type of character seen in most other MMOs. The knight, for example, has his own personal design imprinted on his underwear and a horrible Prince Charming smile permanently plastered on his face. Just incredible!

Loot Till You Drop

Treasure and steadily piling up your wealth is the name of the game here. Everyone in Opulenzia knows that your neighbours treasure is twice as interesting as your own. So what’s stopping you? Distract your neighbour and snap up his or her wealth right from under their nose. Sounds simple, right? However, you’ll need a lot of tactical and strategic awareness to be able to pull it off. Your opponent won’t just stand there while you take away all his hard earned treasure. You’ll need to overcome diverse traps and creatures lurking in the shadows in order to access the vault. Once you’ve got the hang of this though, there’s nothing stopping you taking over the supremacy of Opulenzia.

Build your Own Castle

No supreme leader of an empire such as Opulenzia would be complete without their own ostentatious castle, which you can expand and personalise with different rooms and features to your heart’s content. And what’s great is that this castle isn’t just for show. Might Quest for Epic Loot isn’t just a Hack ‘n’ Slash but also a Dungeon Defence Game. Karma has a way of finding its way back to you and what you do your neighbours can also be done to you. That means you’ll need to fortify your vault as best (or as wickedly) as you want so that your opponents are defeated before they even make it to the door. The more opponents you defeat within your dungeon, the higher the rewards.

Special Features

  • Amusing Storyline – Dive into the world of Opulenzia where everything is a bit surreal and no one takes life 100% seriously
  • Crazy Characters – Choose one of four classic yet at the same time unconventional characters – screw-loose, egotistical and brilliant
  • King of the Castle – Build your own castle, decorate it ostentatiously and place traps for your enemies
  • Loot Till You Drop – Loot your neighbours and rob them of everything, down to the last coin
  • Fortifications – Equip yourself against looters, fight them to submission and create an impregnable fortification
  • Earn Rewards – The more enemies you defeat, the higher the reward


The Bottom Line

Even when the game may look a little bit comical at first glance, the free-to-play online Hack ‘n’ Slash MMO Mighty Quest for Epic Loot is just an unbelievable amount of fun. Starting with the classic playable characters, who turn out to be a delightful parody of themselves, coupled with the huge degree of freedom in terms of constructing your castle and then large array of traps and creatures at your disposal to overthrow your enemies means that Mighty Quest for Epic Loot is incredibly addictive and entertaining. Epic is definitely an appropriate word for it!

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