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Might & Magic: Heroes Online – The Classic Game Is Finally Online!

Online Strategy Game – It’s finally here! Experience the fantastical world of Ashan with its countless secret creatures online for the first time. The free-to-play online strategy game Might & Magic: Heroes Online has recently been released by Ubisoft studies and delivers a successful alternative to its popular and much-loved predecessors. Boasting a detailed and lovingly crafted game environment, exciting battles in both PvP and PvE and many fantasy RPG aspects, this game is a must-play. But can Might & Magic: Heroes Online win you over? Read on to find out more…

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Game Description

One of the biggest names in the world of strategy games is now playable online! The free-to-play online strategy game Might & Magic: Heroes Online combines all the important elements of classic strategy games together with RPG elements and the co-op functions of a multiplayer game. We’ve had a look at the numerous features on offer and have listed the most important below.

A Fascinating World

After you have chosen your hero, you’ll be faced with the giant and lovingly crafted world of Ashan waiting for you to discover. Visit cities, find treasure and forgotten artefacts and encounter different creatures which you can then recruit to join your army. Of course you’ll also find numerous quests to be completed and enemies to fight, either alone or together with other players. Finally, there are also a large amount of secrets and riddles needing to be solved.

Build Your Own City

What kind of strategy game would Might & Magic: Heroes Online be, if you weren’t able to build your own city? You’ve got it! A bad one! In Might & Magic: Heroes Online you’re able to build your own city either for economical or military purposes (or a combination of the two). As you gather more resources, you’ll be able to expand your city unlocking new buildings in the process. This means that there are a ton of buildings to choose from allowing you to build your city based on your own personal preferences.

Battles Mechanics

The battle mechanics in this game are turn-based and require a large amount of strategic thinking and tactical awareness. You’ll be able to shape your army with the creatures you’ve recruited before every battle, keeping in mind the strengths and weaknesses of your opponent. During the battle, you can move your warriors across the battlefield with the goal of driving your enemy back, lowering their numbers and defeating them completely. The amount of experience points you earn is based on how the battle progresses.

Multiplayer Function

What sets an online game apart from its competition? Of course it’s all about being able to interact and support other players while forming friendships and alliances. In Might & Magic: Heroes Online, this’ll help especially during battle, as you have the option of inviting friends to aid you if you find an enemy to be particularly strong. This means that your two armies can work together to overcome and defeat even the strongest of opponents.

Special Features

  • Giant Game Environment: Explore a giant fantasy world with different areas full of fascinating details
  • Character Diversity: Choose your character to wander through Ashan as you search for treasure and enemies
  • Powerful Creatures: Fight against unknown monsters and discover different creatures to recruit to your own army
  • Strategic Battles: Enter into turn-based combat against your enemies and show off your tactical knowhow
  • Coop Mode: Join together with other players and defeat enemies together
  • Character Skills: Level up your hero the way you want to
  • City Construction: Build your own city and watch as your economy flourishes and your army grows

The Bottom Line

Definitely a worthy addition to this epic online game series! The free-to-play online strategy game Might & Magic: Heroes Online really doesn’t need to hide behind its predecessors. With its classic strategy elements and countless multiplayer functions, packed together with great graphics and content,this game has proven to be an ideal online expansion. You’ll be chained to your seat and kept busy for hours and it’s not likely you’ll get bored either. If you’re already a fan of the Heroes series or even if you’re not, this game is simply not to be missed.

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