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Marvel Heroes – What kind of hero are you?

Heroes MMORPG – Who hasn’t wanted to assume the role of Iron Man dishing out tons of damage? Now you finally have the chance thanks to Marvel and its free-to-play fantasy MMORPG, which lets you dive into its giant comic book world. But is this really as fun as it sounds? Read on to find out!

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Game Description

In the free-to-play fantasy MMORPG Marvel Heroes, you take the role of one of the countless heroes of the Marvel universe and try to hold back the super villain Doctor Doom, recently broken out of prison along with a few other criminals. We have put together the most important features we experienced during our crazy journey through the game.

Heroes, Heroes and more Heroes!

The Hulk, Spiderman, Thor, Daredevil… we could go on and on until we had listed all of the characters of the Marvel universe. The developers really haven’t missed a trick and have exhausted the whole back catalogue of comics in order to ensure a massive selection of playable characters rarely seen in games of this nature. At the beginning you only have a choice between five heroes but as the game progresses you have the chance of unlocking over 30 protagonists which you can quickly switch in and out of.

Send your enemies flying through the air

The countless battles in Marvel Heroes are particularly fun even from the very beginning thanks to your superhero’s special abilities. It doesn’t matter if you decide to play as ‘Storm’ firing lightning bolts from the air and ripping your enemy on the ground to shreds, or as ‘Captain America’ unleashing your shield through masses of enemies, the carnage is unavoidable. Each hero has their own skill tree, where you can spend your experience points and level up or learn abilities. There’s nothing better than getting that ‘superhero’ feeling, just like in the ‘Avengers’ film, while fighting one of the many mini bosses (e.g. Loki) together with other online players.

Storytelling with a twist

Using cut-scenes to drive the game story is something that is old news and has been seen before in many games. However, Marvel heroes really scores points with an additional and unique comic book charm. Instead of showing everything in smooth animation, the story progresses by using atmospheric and narrated comic book sequences, which will be particularly welcome to all comic book lovers familiar with the well-known Marvel humour. It’s pretty hard to hold back a smile when Spidey brings the super villains to tears once again with his sarcasm. Literally everything you would expect from the comic books is on offer in this free-to-play MMORPG.


Special Features

  • Massive Marvel Universe: Dive into the world of the Marvel universe and experience the search for Doctor Doom in a familiar comic book setting
  • Action-packed Battles: Join together with your superhero friends and bring justice to the countless villains using your different skills
  • Comic Book Charm: Live the story thanks to atmospheric comic book sequences and feel a part of the world of Iron Man & Co
  • Endgame: Even after the campaign, the game doesn’t ends. Take part in PvP battles and group based challenges


The Bottom Line

Even though this game had been hugely anticipated for a long time, it wasn’t until the release of ‘Iron Man’ and the ‘Avengers,’ that becoming a superhero was on everyone’s to-do list. This free-to-play fantasy MMORPG answers all our prayers with a massive selection of playable heroes and brings with it a familiar comic book charm together with all the recognisable faces of the Marvel universe. Even if you aren’t a hardcore fan of comic books, you shouldn’t think twice about trying out this game thanks to the action-packed battles and impressive special effects.

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