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Lula Online – Be the Biggest Fish in the Porn Business

Online-Business Simulation Game – A slightly different browser game awaits you! The free-to-play online business simulator Lula Online isn’t your average browser game but that doesn´t make it any less entertaining. The browser version of the successful Lula series is just as sexy and swinging as the original and your task remains the same. Start your own erotic empire! Your own personal guide Lula, a hot babe with a lot of experience, will be there to hold your hand throughout. Want to hear more? Read our review and see for yourself!

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Game Summary

It´s getting hot in here! The free-to-play business simulation game Lula Online challenges you to become a master of the porn industry. Together with Lula herself, you build up your business while gathering the hottest girls from all around the world to come work for you. You can build cozy apartments, studios for shooting adult videos all while exploring the erotic industry. Here´s an overview of what you can expect to do in Lula Online.

Sexy Girls

You start with an empty building and several empty sites where you can build small apartments for your ladies. Once you have a place for them to live, you can start adding models to your company. There are plenty of girls to choose from each with different talents that you can be skilled later on. But don’t think these girls don´t have any expectations when it comes to their surroundings. Of course a simple apartment with basic furniture won´t do it for long so you will have to upgrade the interior eventually. Why not give them a stylish new bed, a couch to relax on or a drawer full of toys? All for grown-ups of course. Step by step you will turn the whole building into one big luxury palace. A perfect atmosphere for work, right?

Start your Business

There are lots of ways to make money in the porn business. Your first choice will be via good old webcam. Let your models do some shows until you have enough money to build a photo studio and employ an assistant, who will organize some sexy shootings with your models and a variety of toys. Later on, you can then start a new career as a producer and shoot some special movies with your models. The cherry on top is your own escort service, which will be your final step to getting to the top of sex industry. Of course you can upgrade your studios and equipment at any time to increase your income. You’ll also be able to expand, upgrade and add rooms, studios, workplaces and staff to your company making this game a never-ending story!

Special Gifts

The show must go on and while your company grows and flourishes you will have to try and do your best to keep your models satisfied. After all, happy models make good workers. Cherish them and show them your affection by giving them presents as often as possible. When all the ladies are busy working and there´s nothing to be upgraded, you can buy some scratch cards for your chance to win some extra rewards like credits, toys or diamonds. You can also try and look for the daily dildo, which is hidden somewhere around the building. It can be found once every day and also gives you rewards. And not only can your interior be upgraded but also your models wardrobe. There are plenty of outfits to pick from both for the ladies and your lovely guide Lula as well. So dress them up and treat them right to make sure everything works out perfectly!

Special Features

  • Luxury Rooms: Build classy apartments for your models, upgrade them and eventually turn them into pure luxury
  • Hot Babes: Gather the hottest and wildest bombshells to work for you, skill up their talents and let them make YOU rich
  • Work it, Baby: Webcam-shows, hot shootings, even hotter movies – let your models make money with everything the sex industry has to offer
  • Spoil the Ladies: Dress your girls, present them with gifts and show them your affection to keep them satisfied and maintain their productivity
  • Daily Dildo: Find the Daily Dildo to win special rewards
  • Browser Fun: Experience the successful Lula series as a free-to-play browser game


The Bottom Line

When you first come across the free-to-play business simulation Lula Online you might feel kind of irritated at first. I certainly did. But once you start playing, you will see for yourself that the game is actually pretty entertaining and has a lot of funny moments in it. I mean… it has a Daily Dildo! Come on, that´s hilarious! You might not want to take it too seriously as the game certainly doesn´t. So, if you are over 18 and up for a laugh then you should totally check out Lula Online. You might be surprised how captivating it actually is. Work it, baby!

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