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Lineage II – An endless journey?

Fantasy MMORPG – There are only a handful of game that managed to stay popular for more than a few years, especially MMORPGs seem to suffer from dwindling player bases and a continuously growing field of contenders. Lineage II, possibly the only real competitor to WoW back in the day, has gone free to play a while ago and we just couldn’t let the opportunity slip to provide a fresh review for such a classic.

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Game Concept

Titles like Lineage II were game defining back in 2004. They were among those that set the rules for most of the titles, following in the subsequent years. Therefore it shouldn’t be surprising that Lineage II also provides most of the core elements that might seem pretty familiar for anyone who has already played a proper MMORPG. You are starting out as the average nobody. No money, no golden armor, nothing. Only by completing countless adventures, quests and several other tasks you will gain experience and gold. These two resources are the stuff that you need to forge a hero. Higher levels will be unlocked at certain experience thresholds and with higher levels, you will get new abilities while your old ones become more refined. Do whatever it takes to make a name for yourself. Do whatever it takes to become one of the strongest in Lineage II.

Your path to destiny:

So how many playable classes does a proper MMORPG need to have? Three? Five? Well, usually that’s what you can expect from most free to play titles but ever since Lineage II turned free to play, they really raised the bar. Here is the thing: How about 36 playable classes? The way Lineage II does provide this is by a clever leveling system. All classes, no matter the race you have chosen, start out either as a warrior or as a mage. Eventually though, after you made it through the first levels, you get the opportunity to make a decision to ascend to the next class. Which class you ascend to is up to you. For example a human warrior can at some point become a rogue and this rogue can either become a ranged specialist or a sneaky assassin that has focused on backstabbing his foes. Therefore it’s safe to say that the class system in Lineage II resembles a huge tree where everyone starts at the same roots but the further you go up, the more it branches out.

The brutality of PvP:

The story of your life in a player versus player environment is usually a short story, unless you bring friends and constantly check your back. While it is thrilling to some, others outright hate the idea of being backstabbed while fighting several mobs. Therefore it is very important for a game that has a strong focus on PvP to keep a tight balance between rewarding and punishing their players. While you can basically be attack almost anywhere, the game will punish players who go completely rogue. Killing low level players over and over will flag the culprit as free to kill. Killing such a player does not only provide rewards but it will also make the culprit drop a part of his gear. So gankers and other bad folk have been warned. Other than that the PvP is basically one of the strongest arguments for the late game in Lineage II. Castle sieges, Olympics and tons of other features are just out there waiting to be found.

More than a decade of development and additional content:

With more than a decade being out on the market, Lineage II is definitely one of the most polished games you could play among given free to play titles. The developers put tons of work into this classic and you can literally spend months playing this game, still discovering something new. In terms of content the game does simply provide so many little features, gimmicks and other treats for its players and the best part is that this process hasn’t stopped yet. New updates, balance changes and other content is still being made and that’s one of the greatest argument for a healthy game.

Special Features of Lineage II

  • Free to play Fantasy MMORPG: Just sign up once and install the game client – Lineage II is now absolutely free to play.
  • Your path to destiny: Not three, four or five classes await. Choose your destiny and ascend to one of the 36 different classes in Lineage II.
  • Brutal PvP: With one of the most refined PvP systems in gaming, Lineage II has a strong argument on its side.
  • More than a decade of content development: After more than 12 years, Lineage II does still provide free content and updates for its player base.
  • A huge world to explore: …resulting in a massive and rich world to explore.


The Bottom Line

With the free to play Fantasy MMORPG Lineage II we are basically looking at one of the few competitors for WoW back then. While almost all the others have vanished, Lineage II is still growing strong. This game has become not only a milestone in game development but also one of the most popular games of this age. Refined gameplay, class diversity and a well-rounded PvP focused approach do turn this game into what it is nowadays: a mighty fine game for you to try out.

Photo of Lineage II

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