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The Biggest Fish on the Interwebs

Fishing Simulator – There’s no doubt about it. You’ll find the biggest fish on the internet in Ten Square Games’ new free-to-play fishing browser simulator ‘Let’s Fish.’ We’ve dusted off our fishing equipment and spent a number of afternoons at the lake. Want to know if all that fishing was worth it? Read on to find out.

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Game Premise

As the name suggests, Let’s Fish is a new type of fishing simulator for your browser. Your goal is to make a name for yourself as a fisherman by reeling in the biggest possible fish. You’ll not only need to constantly improve your equipment to keep up with the competition but you’ll also require a good eye and quick reflexes to make sure your catch doesn’t end up getting away.

Fishing Around the World

Let’s Fish transports you around the world during its Single Player Campaign. You start the game with a cheap rod and a piece of bread to use as bait but will soon start earning money with every catch. Once you’ve added higher quality equipment to your inventory, you’ll be able to pull in the big fish. Regardless whether you’re in the lake country or by the sea, the mission areas are diverse and not just in appearance. Every fishing area is home to a different range of fish and just as varied are the equipment requirements. Bait, rods and hooks need to be adapted so that they are suitable for the area you intend to fish in.

Knowhow is the Key to Success:

Unfortunately it’s not as easy as just having the right equipment. A good fisherman needs to have a bit more in his arsenal. In Let’s Fish, that means you’ll need good reflexes and a keen eye to get the fish on the hook. It’s only half the battle getting the fish to bite as you’ll need to make sure the fish don’t get away or rip your line. The more endurance your rod has, the more challenging fish you can pull from the water but you’ll also need to keep an eye on your rod’s condition. Pull too hard or for too long and you might be watching your fish escape. Talent and a watchful eye are the keys to catching a big trophy.

Measure yourself against other Fishermen:

What’s even better than catching a big fish? Of course! Catching a bigger fish than your friends. Let’s Fish has a lot to offer in regards to tournaments, missions and leader boards, meaning that there are many ways to find out who is the best amongst your friends. In order to keep the competition fair and to make sure that no one wins just on the quality of their inventory, all equipment for tournaments and similar events is decided by the game. As a reward, you’ll not only get that fame you’ve been after and the knowledge that you are the most talented of fishermen, but you’ll also unlock a range of items which will make your life in-game a whole lot easier.

Special Features

  • Free-to-Play Fishing Simulator: Let’s Fish is absolutely free. Simply register and start playing.
  • Fishing around the World: From Europe to Africa, small lakes to the big blue sea. Let’s Fish transports you around the world.
  • Knowhow is the Key to Success: Prove your worth and catch the biggest fish.
  • Measure yourself against other Fishermen: Who is the best fisherman? Find out by entering tournaments and other events against number other players.

The Bottom Line

The free-to-play fishing simulator Let’s Fish is a game that will get the hearts of any wannabe fishermen racing. Countless fishing areas, dozens of items and an endless array of fish are just a number of reasons why this game has been entertaining players around the world. There are already around 10 million players worldwide playing this game, so if you’re keen to catch a big fish, why not join them?


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