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Legends of Honor – Revive the Middle Ages!

Medieval MMO Browser Game – To your guard, because the Free-to-Play MMO- Browser Game Legends of Honor has what it takes! This game adresses all amateur lords and those who might think of becoming one. So sharpen your blades, take a seat by the hearth and listen to our account from the battlefields.

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Just like rome your castle in Legends of Honor wont be build on a single day (even though it might look that way at first). You start your rule in castle-mode in which you see your castle and the sorrounding lands from birds-eye view. But there isnt much to see at first. You start with just an exterior wall and a keep. Quite quickly though you will provide yourself with an overview and start to gather ressources and construct your first buildings for your castle. The main ressources you will need for your enterprise are Wood, Stones and Bread. So by the time your storages and granarys are filled, nothing will stop you from becoming the kingdoms mightiest Lord!

Every Lord needs council:

Leading a whole castle may seem a bit complicated at first. Luckily the beautiful Lady Jasmin helps you on your first steps on becoming a proper lord. Since we also got a bit rusty in commanding a castle, damsel Jasmin came just as called! Dont get too used to Jasmin though because by the time you choose one of the three factions in Legends of Honor she will be replaced by a counselor of your faction. But no need to worry, these counselors will help you just as good as Lady Jasmin did. Plus, the game offers you a questbook which offers guidance as well – and the best part of it: You will get awesome rewards for completing quests.

I dont want to be in my castle all the time!

Well – spending your whole existence in your castle may become a bit boring, but which lord does that? Legends of Honor offers you to leave your castle and to discover the sorrounding lands! Here you can hunt down outlaws or even fight other players armys! What we really liked about this feature was that the kind of terrain you are moving on with your army affects the mechanics of the game. You can hide in the woods or climb a mountain to have a better view of approaching enemies. Also the terrain affects how well your army may attack or defend itself.

Forge alliances:

Legends of Honor would not be a MMO-Browser Game without fellow players. Early in the game you have to pick one of the three factions and on the basis of that decision you may join an alliance. This feature is great for beginners, since joining an alliance allows you to join a chat in which you may ask questions or plan your next moves. So Legends of Honor does not stop at exploring your sorroundings – quite soon you will have to face other players and participate in massive battles between rival alliances!

Recruit your vassals:

No smart lord would travel the kingdoms wild lands without allegiance. Within your castle you may recruit mighty soldiers, which you are also able to improve. Starting with armed peasants and simple axe fighters you will eventually get to the point where you can hire mighty mounted swordsmen or grim elite archers. Also you may improve your troops equipment. From new armour to especially deadly arrows – the armory offers everything you can imagine!

Special Features

  • Free-to-Play Medieval Browser Game: Just sign up and start the medieval war directly in your preferred web browser.
  • Strategy AND Action: Not only that you lead and command a whole castle, you will also lead epic armys into even more epic battles.
  • PvP- Battles: Forge mighty alliances with players from all over the world and together crush your enemies!
  • Beginner friendly: Your counselors and your quests will guide you through Legends of Honor.
  • A developing army: From weak peasants to an elite army – upgrade your troops and watch them crush your foes!


The Bottom Line

The Free-to-Play MMO- Browser Game really managed to get us hooked. Especially the mixture of strategy and action allows Legends of Honor to stand out from the competition. Getting into the game is really easy and progress happens fast! Due to the many improvements for castle and army the game stays interesting – even for professionals. Espescially if you start using the terrain to your advantage. The three factions and the alliances linked to them allow the player to not only hunt down outlaws but also to fight epic wars between players. And who would not love to spoil ones neighbours beautiful day at his castle? So if you are brave enough to face the battle for the kingdom, start figting today by signing up for Legends of Honor!

Photo of Legends of Honor

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