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Legend Knight –The laid-back legend

Browser MMORPG – With the sun shining most of these days, we are currently in a relaxing mood. That doesn’t mean that we stopped playing games, but right now we felt like playing something that fits right into this mood. Thankfully we stumbled upon Legend Knight, a free to play game from Proficient City. You might ask “What has Legend Knight to do with relaxation?” Here is our answer:

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Game Concept

Legend Knight’s gameplay resembles that of a classy Browser MMORPG. Once you are done with the basic tutorial and followed the initial instructions on movement and combat, you are on your own. Starting out as a rookie character, you have to find ways to become more experienced and stronger. By completing quests, killing monsters and upgrading your gear in the process, your character will eventually rise in rank and evolve. This will allow you to challenge even tougher foes, yielding only the most powerful items, which could elevate your character into the highest ranks of Legend Knight.

Class- and party management:

In terms of playable classes Legend Knight does have a rather minimalistic approach. As of now you get to choose between two different classes: Mage and Warrior. To compensate this initial lack of diversity, the game does provide several mechanics in order to provide additional options for the player. By hiring certain companions, such as tanks, damage dealers and supporters, you are able to add some more diversity to your gameplay experience. When entering combat, it is important to assign these hireling to their designated positions in order to maximize their usefulness. While tanks are best left in the front row, damage dealers and supporters prefer to have some distance between them and the enemy.

A rich world to explore:

Something that we enjoyed and are still enjoying, is the huge and rich world of Legend Knight. Especially for a free to play browser game, Legend Knight does provide enough content for some major sightseeing. And if you ever get tired of running from A to B and back, then just turn on the auto play feature and the game is basically running in auto pilot. Even though some players might not like this feature, we actually think that it does serve some purpose. Considering that you eventually want to grind some specific type of monster or just want to go out with some friends without completely abandoning the game, this feature is a pretty neat option.

Jailhouse Blues:

The feature we liked the most actually came in form of some mini game that you get to play within Legend Knight. Once you unlocked the arena, you get the opportunity to fight other players in one on one combat or group combat. Nothing new so far, right? Now here is the thing. Once you beat them, you get the chance to attack them again and in case you should win, you get the option to put them into jail. These imprisoned players then turn into some sort of item farm, which you have access to for as long as you hold these players captive. A victory has never felt any sweeter than that.

Special Features

  • Free-to-play Browser MMORPG: Legend Knight is completely free to play and does not require any form of installation. Sign up once and your adventure begins.
  • Class- and party management: Choose your unique class and hirelings and get ready for combat and fantastic adventures.
  • A rich world to explore: Dive into the rich world of Legend Knight and thanks to auto play you can keep up with other players even when you aren’t actively playing.
  • Jailhouse Blues: Defeat your foes and imprison them for additional resources and fame.


The Bottom Line

While this conclusion is being written, our mage does kill some monsters in the other browser tab and with a smile on our face we hear the lamentation of the players that we have imprisoned. Actually, this is most likely the best summary of Legend Knight that we could provide. Even though the game does not reinvent the Browser MMORPG genre, nor does it intent to, it’s a very solid piece of art and aside from the auto play feature, which you might find questionable, the game does deliver a very nice and solid gameplay. The world is huge and full of neat details and features like treasure hunts, dungeons, PvP events and tons of other gimmicks which we haven’t even seen yet. Therefore Legend Knight could be an interesting addition for your list of MMORPG’s that you should play.

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