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Knight’s Fable – This free to play browser MMORPG unleashes the beast within

Fantasy MMORPG –One of the newest additions to the free to play browser MMORPG market is out and drops you right into a world in turmoil. Summoned by the Gods you have to become the hero that the world has been longing for. But is it worth heeding the call of the Gods and does Knight’s Fable deliver? Keep reading to find out…

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Game concept

Released in May 2014 by GTArcade, Knight’s Fable is one of the newest additions to the browser game genre. Chosen by the Gods, you have to become the hero that the world has been in desperate need of. Plunged right into the action, you are overwhelmed by the forces of hell, which have overrun the land and are now laying siege to the city of spirits. Sent through time by your friend Moira, you manage to escape and are preparing to fulfill your destiny. It is time to liberate the world from the forces of evil.

A classy approach to character design and combat

Right now Knight’s Fable provides four classes to choose from: Knights, Magi, Fighters and the support class, Spiritus. Once you have chosen your favorite class, you are then ready to get stuck into the well written and animated single player campaign, which provides enough opportunities for side questing and other activities along the way. As with most current browser games that have an extensive combat setting, Knight’s Fable has made no exception and delivers a fully automated combat system.

Gather your party and unleash the beast within

One of the key features of Knight’s Fable is its interesting approach towards character development. Whereas most MMORPGs focus on the evolution of a single character, Knight’s Fable has taken it two steps further. The addition of customizable party members, which can be hired throughout the game, adds more depth to the otherwise casual context. Furthermore, there are beasts in Knight’s Fable, which are – well… powerful!

Once unlocked and tamed, the player receives an additional ally in the form of an ancient beast that provides powerful assistance throughout your numerous fights. Basically beasts have stats and abilities like the player, but they can only attack once they have charged up their specific ability during the course of a fight. Players that are familiar with the final fantasy series and its Esper or Bestia will find a familiar resemblance in the beasts of Knight’s Fable.

Casual or hardcore friendly? Knight’s Fable allows both

Even though the core concept of Knight’s Fable is rather casual in its approach because of its streamlined single player campaign and automated combat system, it still manages to provide several options for in-depth character and party customization. PvP-features and multiple upgrade mechanics, combined with tons of different discoverable items which can be used to improve and customize your party, make sure that even hardcore players find something that they can really enjoy about this game. As for the casual players, who usually don’t spend much time in front of their computer, there are also several ways for them to get their hands on the high-end content. Mini games, like tending to your fishpond or battling bosses with friends represent just a fraction of what players can do.

Special Features

  • Free-to-play Fantasy MMORPG – No download required. Just sign up once and you are good to go.
  • Full Single Player Campaign – A massive and well written campaign packed with interesting twists and turns.
  • Customizable Character and Party Development- Take the next step and develop not only your character but your whole party
  • Power of the Beast – Unlock and upgrade several beasts with unique abilities that will help you to liberate the world from evil.
  • For Casual and Hardcore Players alike – No matter if you spend hours or just minutes in Knight’s Fable, the game provides enough interesting features for both types of players.


The Bottom Line

The free to play fantasy MMORPG Knight’s Fable is a decent addition to the browser game genre. Even though free-to-play titles often end up being grind fests of some sort with an overall painfully slow character progression, Knight’s Fable is not that sort of game. The well written campaign and the countless side quests and mini games will keep you entertained, long after you have already spent hours playing it. The fact that Knight’s Fable provides attractive features for hardcore and casual players alike, is something that should ensure the success of this game.

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