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Kings Road – Diablo 3 Action free-to-play in your browser!

Browser Hack’n’Slash – It was bound to happen. The epic Diablo 3 adventure from Blizzard has finally made its first appearance in your browser. The free-to-play action role-playing game Kings Road is daring to ascend to the throne as the first game and successor to Diablo 3. What’s remarkable is that this is a browser game. But does it work and does Kings Road have the potential to succeed? We tested it out for you…

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Game Premise

The free-to-play Hack’n’Slash Browser game Kings Road places the gamer in a mystical world, where evil forces have conquered the country ‘Alderstone’. In Diablo 3 style, the player must develop his/her character, annihilate hoards of monsters and in doing so, free the land from their evil captors. If you’re a fan of the Diablo series, you will love the free-to-player browser game, Kings Road.

Brave Heroes:

In Kings Road you can choose between 3 different character classes. You can be a close-quarters melee Knight, an Archer specialised in damage from a distance or a Wizard trained in the arts of elemental magic. Each class has their own unique skills, which you can develop and train up with the help of experience points. The more experience points you have, the more skills your character can learn. However, what’s special about Kings Road is that you don’t have to stick to just one class, but can change between them during the game depending on what you need. A cool touch, which however makes spending those experience points slightly more complicated.

The City of Kings Road

Kings Road is not only the name of the free-to-play browser game but also the name of the last bastion in the fight against the evil forces. Once you arrive, your hero can pick up new quests from NPCs, sell any found or looted items, buy new potions, weapons and armour, as well as repair the old ones. In Kings Road life bustles along as normal within the action packed browser game. Here you can also meet a multitude of other players, who you can chat to and arrange to play the game with. For this very reason, Kings Road offers an in-game chat system, as well as supports the use of Teamspeak.

Epic Storyline:

Kings Road is set in the fantasy land of Alderstone. A land conquered by dark forces striking fear in the hearts of the villagers. Your task in Kings Road, just like in Diablo 3, is to hit back and confront the enemies. This can be done in a number of different ways. Sometimes you will need to free villagers from bandits, other times you will need to fight against the undead or orcs or simply vanquish hordes of giant spiders in order to rescue the villagers from an invasion. The storyline is jam-packed with varied content, so that you will never get bored by the individual quests in single player or by group quests in the multiplayer mode.

Global Multiplay: 

In Kings Road you are able to go monster hunting in groups of up to 3 players and no limits apply. Do some quests together, vanquish a boss or simply relax in the magical forest while clobbering a couple of bandits. It’s left up to you. Kings Road offers unlimited access thanks to the ‘Cloud Service.’ This means, for example, that you can connect with two of your friends, even if they are already in the thick of battle. In addition, Kings Road holds regular so-called Global Tournaments, in which players can measure each other up and even walk away with prizes and epic items.

Kings Road Features

  • Awesome graphics: Thanks to the Flash 11 Stage 3D Technology from Adobe the detailed graphics are breath-taking and in the comfort of your browser, no download required
  • Ultra Hack’n’Slash: Diablo 3 is old news! It doesn’t matter if you’re questing, hunting monsters or following the storyline, Kings Road offers the complete package and all for free!
  • Choose your hero: Choose between the close-combat Knight, the distance-specialist Archer or the magical Wizard!
  • Beginner friendly: You aren’t a Diablo 3 Pro? No problem. Simply choose between 3 different difficulty settings and find the right group for you!
  • Multiplay: Play directly with your friends in co-op mode and complete quests and fight hordes of monsters together at any time – thanks to the ‘Cloud Service!’
  • Cross Platform: Kings Road isn’t just limited to the PC. Thanks to the Flash 11 programming you can go on the hunt using your tablet and smartphone!


The Bottom Line

Who would have thought it possible? As old Diablo veterans, we didn’t. The free-to-play Browser game Kings Road truly delivers a playable alternative to the Hack’n’Slash sensation from Blizzard. The graphics are unbelievably good for a browser game and groups of players can really connect together at any time thanks to the ‘Cloud Service.’ Of course there is still a little room for improvement in one or two places but the developers are on it and are continually bringing out new content. Blizzard watch out! Kings Road is coming for you!

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