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Kings Era – A Strategic Browser Game teeming with features

Strategy Browser Game – The brand-new medieval browser game Kings Era promises to be a mixture between an authentic medieval world and a classic strategy browser game with a lot of new features. As a matter of fact, Kings Era does have a lot to offer, which other games don’t. Read on to find out what exactly we mean.

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Game Concept

The free-to-play medieval strategy browser game Kings Era transports you into a fantasy medieval world where you are charged with the task of building up your castle, ensuring the creation and training of your army and expanding your empire. The amount of possibilities on offer, coupled with the easy learning curve and the large yet helpful community, make this browser game particularly impressive.

Castle Construction at its finest:

The first thing you need to do in Kings Era is to build up your rudimentary castle up to a practical fortification. In order to do this, you need to firstly ensure the income of raw materials, which will help you build suitable foundations for further expansion. Bit by bit your castle will expand and you will have the opportunity to build barracks, defence fortifications and troops. Kings Era offers a range of authentic buildings and units with varying development levels. As soon as you have put together your battle-ready army, you are then able to expand your empire, defeat other players, fight back at the barbarians and complete quests.

The War against the Barbarians:

Kings Era is tied together by an exciting barbarian storyline. The barbarians are represented by the race of Ginghiz, who time and time again attempt to destroy and ransack your territory. During the different quests you will need to send out your heroes and battle-ready army to defeat barbarians once and for all. This requires, however, a number of hidden inscriptions, which can be found during various campaigns and treasure hunts. The best players even have the opportunity of winning real prizes like money and merchandise by completing particularly tricky tasks and quests.

The free-to-play strategy game Kings Era also offers a selection of entertaining mini games alongside the more traditional elements of trading, castle construction, battle and diplomacy. What makes these different to other browser games is that they are an essential part of the game. By completing certain mini games, you can win particular achievements, epic items for your heroes and experience points. These games can even be pretty competitive, as you have the possibility of playing against other players. The games range from the ‘strategic’ (Connect 4 and Othello) to 3D animated games (Mysterious Forest and Bird Hunt). We found this a really cool feature and particularly helped us pass the time while waiting for construction to finish.

Special Features

  • Medieval Overload: Cool Medieval settings with authentic buildings and units, as well as good 3D graphics compared with other browser games
  • City Building at its finest: Choose between a range of different buildings and development levels to erect your own empire
  • Real Prizes: The best players on the server can regularly win money and merchandise by completing tricky quests
  • Mini Games inside: Kings Era offers a diverse range of various mini games, giving you the chance to win experience and achievements
  • The Choice is Yours: Whether you want to fight, engage in diplomacy, complete quests, construct your castle or live the life of a peaceful trader, Kings Era gives you free reign to do so


The Bottom Line

The free-to-play strategy browser game Kings Era is a good alternative to other giants within the genre, such as Forge of Empires. The medieval atmosphere comes into its own thanks to the authentic buildings and units, and the game helps beginners ease into the action due to its extensive tutorial and useful explanations. The mini games are a nice touch and help keep things from getting stale, in case you want a break from the usual fighting, trading, questing and constructing. We definitely recommend you give this one a go. It’ll be worth it.

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