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Kingdom Rift – A Kingdom Torn

Fantasy MMORPG – With Kingdom Rift, R2 Games has recently released another free-to-play MMORPG. The forces of darkness are threatening the kingdom and the people are calling for the chosen one. Will you answer their calls and are you prepared to embark on an adventure of epic proportions? Yes? Well here are our first impressions.

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Game Concept

Kingdom Rift, in its core, is a classical browser MMORPG. Starting from level 1, it is up to you to build up your character throughout the game. you will become experienced and stronger as you complete quests, fight monstrosities or upgrade your weapons and armor. Each time you hit a certain level, you will discover powerful abilities and unlock new features that will help you defend the kingdom from the forces of evil.

Unique Classes, Unique Abilities:

Once you have started Kingdom Rift for the very first time, you will get to pick your desired character. Right now there are three distinctive classes: Warrior, Hunter and Warlock. Each of the three classes has a unique set of abilities and animations. Whereas the warrior relies on brute force and his mighty sword, the warlock utilizes the force of the elements to overpower his foes. Unleashing devastating freezing fields or decimating the hordes of darkness in a barrage of arrows looks flashy and for a browser game, Kingdom Rift really delivers some neat animations and effects.

Upgrading Gear and Abilities:

While you are gathering experience and leveling up, you will soon get to a point where your gear won’t be up to par anymore. This is where the extensive upgrade system comes into play. In Kingdom Rift you will eventually find certain artifacts and other crafting components that can be used to significantly improve your gear. The same goes for your abilities, spells and even companions. Finding these resources is one of your keys to success and if you simply can’t find that one desired artifact, there is always the option to browse the auction house or set up a trade with fellow players.

Powerful Mounts and Goddesses as Companions:

Once you have completed the initial quests and fought your first bosses, you will get two powerful companions. One of them is your trusty mount and the other one is a goddess, a powerful deity that provides divine support on the battlefield. Obviously there are several types of mounts and numerous goddesses that will cross your path during your journey and each of them comes with unique attributes and powerful abilities. Each of these abilities can be upgraded and there are even hidden ones that require certain items to unlock. Finding those items and unlocking your companion’s most devastating abilities will play a critical role if you hope to liberate the kingdom from the forces of darkness.

Special Features

  • Free-to-Play MMORPG – Kingdom Rift does not require any form of installation. Sign up once and your adventure will begin.
  • Unique Classes and Abilities – The warrior, hunter and warlock are waiting for you. Pick a class that suits your taste and enter the battlefield.
  • Extensive Upgrade System – Upgrade everything – gear, abilities and even companions.
  • Powerful Companions – Ride into battle on the back of powerful mounts and channel the wrath of Gods to attack your foes.


The Bottom Line

We spent several hours trying to protect the realm from the forces of evil and we really enjoyed it. Kingdom Rift, as a browser game, has beautiful artwork and the abilities of each class are distinctive and well animated. Even though the game might overwhelm you in its initial stages, due to the sheer amount of activity happening on the screen, you will eventually get used to it and acknowledge the strong points of this free-to-play title. Aside from the flashy spells and skills, it is the mounts and companions that give Kingdom Rift its unique touch and once you have invested some time finding the appropriate artifacts to upgrade your goddess, there is a good chance you will fall in love with a game that has the potential to rise above other browser based MMORPGs.

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