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Khan Wars – The All-Inclusive Browser Game

Browser Strategy Game – We’ll state it from the start: Khan Wars has won us over with a convincing mix of superb graphics and new gameplay elements. It can only be described as entertaining, challenging, fresh and above all, free-to-play. It’s because of these features that Khan Wars has already attracted thousands of players worldwide. Read our review and decide for yourself whether this construction strategy game could be the next one for you…

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Game Description

You won’t just need to prove your strategy knowhow on the battlefield, but also within your own territory, as you fight against other races and propel yourself towards fame and honour. The strategy browser game’s lovingly crafted medieval interface is packed with a lot of features that will no doubt be close to any gamer’s heart.

Individual Castles

As the ruler of your own castles, it is your responsibility to expand. Alongside your objective to prepare your territory for any military operations, it is also up to you to provide plenty of materials for your people. In addition, there are 16 different military and siege units as well as 12 additional unique units to choose from. It’s only when you have followed sound strategy and equipped your castle accordingly that you’ll be able to have a decisive impact on the Khan Wars.

Achieve your objects alone or in a team

Once you’ve chosen one of twelve playable races, you’ll then be able to shape your own general. A countless number of skills and equipment are on hand to help you do this. If you’ve made the right decisions, then you’ll strengthen your position within the games. You’ll be able to earn additional skills for your character during individual battles, which will help make your army and people stronger.

Countless Possibilities

Every player needs to find out for themselves which strategy fits them the best and ultimately will lead them towards establishing their own powerful medieval kingdom. It’s not just enough to fight in countless battles in Khan Wars, but you’ll also need to strengthen your own territory and make sure that you take care of your people by providing enough food and materials. But whether you go for the aggressive tactics of attack and plundering or choose to engage in cleverly worked out politics and trading, your path to victory needs to be an individual decision.

Special Features

  • Castle Construction: Every player can build and expand their own individual castle and prepare themselves for the Khan Wars
  • Customisable Hero: Countless skills let you customise your own hero the way you want
  • Single-player or Teamwork: Depending on your strategy, you can either engage in battles alone or together with other players
  • Diverse Game World: Inspiring graphics and detailed buildings really increase the enjoyment level of the game
  • Massive Community: Players worldwide are waiting to help you along the way


The Bottom Line

Khan Wars really won us over in several ways. Asides from a giant game world, this free-to-play browser game provides you with countless possibilities to build your own castle and prepare yourself for battles against other players. The sheer quantity of skills make it possible to customise your own unique hero the way you want to. And we’re clearly not the only ones to think so, as the game was awarded the title of ‘Best Strategy Game’ in 2008.

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