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Ikariam – Establish your own ancient Island Kingdom!

Are you an inventor and explorer? If so, you are exactly where you need to be playing the free-to-play strategy-browser game Ikariam from Gameforge. Ikarium catches you off guard with its tender graphics and diverse construction and strategy elements. We have tested the game out and are pleasantly surprised.

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Game Premise

At this point some people would criticise that there are just as many strategy and construction browser games out there than there is sand at the beach. That may well be. However, Ikariam is not a game that you should miss out on. Why? Ikariam has a lot more to offer than just the usual construction, economic and battle elements:

Systems of Government:

In Ikariam there is a total of 9 different systems to government, such as anarchy, democracy, dictatorship, aristocracy etc. Every one of these governing systems has different advantages and disadvantages and can be more or less suitable depending on the player’s varying intentions. An aristocratic empire, for example, has a 20% reduction on the construction time, yet increases the level of corruption in each and every city by 3%. On the other hand, a democracy is suitable for peaceful cities. This in turn increases the happiness of its citizens and speeds up research, yet decreases the power of the secret service. For every situation there is the right form of government.

Divine Miracles:

In Ikariam up to 8 different Miracles can be put into action. Each type of miracle is represented on every island by a specific Wonder. Once the island’s faith has increased, you will have access to the corresponding miracle. These Miracles have their foundations in the Greek gods. For example, the miracle of Ares increases the morale of troops and the miracle of Hermes accelerates the turnover of goods and merchandise at the harbours. Besides Ares and Hermes there are miracles from Athene, Demeter, Hedes, Helios, Hephaistos and Poseidon.

Pirating Career:

As a special extra besides the rich material on offer by the day-to-day routine of research, construction and conquest, you are able to try to hand at pirating. All you need to do is to research ‘Piracy’ and establish a pirate stronghold. Once you have done this, you can go on 9 different capture runs and score yourself raw materials and capture points. There is also the possible to raid the pirate strongholds of other players and to steal their collected points for yourself. There is even a special leader board, where the top 50 players, based on the amount of capture points receive special prizes after a certain time has run out.

Special Features

Get to grips with the game right at the start of the game with its intuitive tutorial and learn all the important features before things start to kick off

  • Coordinate the complex economic system and interact with other players for your best chance of success
  • Fight in strategic battles on land or sea with a diverse range of units and ships
  • Choose your own individual path and profit from a multitude of research, building and expansion possibilities
  • Choose one of 9 different forms of government depending on your own unique play style and secure yourself special bonuses
  • Strengthen the faith of your island and perform up to 8 powerful Miracles, based on the characteristics of the Greek Gods.


The Bottom Line

The free-to-play strategy browser game Ikariam offers a vast amount of different and unique features. Beside the diverse range of research areas, units and buildings, you are able to draw on different systems of government, perform divine miracles or try your hand at being a pirate. Ikariam is among the biggest browser game sensations and could potentially win several prizes. We definitely had our fun and are only able to recommend it to any strategy game fans out there.

Photo of Ikariam

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